Ransomware and Cyber Security News Review for September 2020

365 iT SOLUTIONS  is proud to offer ransomware and cyber security news review for September 2020 in order to help keep organizations informed of the latest cyber threats.

Why should you be concerned about cyber security? Simple. It is projected that a business is attacked by a cybercriminal every 11 seconds and damage from these cyber security attacks can hit over $20 billion by 2021.

There will be many organizations making the cyber security news headlines if cyber security policies and procedures are not changed.

Here are the highlights of Ransomware and Cyber Security News Review for September 2020:

  1. Tandem Corp got hit by NetWalker ransomware.  The data allegedly stolen by the cyber criminals was posted on the Dark Web including financial data, personnel information, and passport details.
  2. Key West City Hall was forced to shut down with a ransomware attack took their systems offline.
  3. Cygilant  a cybersecurity and threat detection company suffered a ransomware attack that impacted a portion of the organization however they did not disclose if the ransom had been paid.
  4. Dirección Nacional de Migraciones in Argentina was attached the hackers initially demanded $2 million but this was doubled to $4 million after a 7 day period.
  5. BancoEstado in Chile is one of the largest and it was forced to close all of its branches following the cybercriminal attack.
  6. Hartford Public Schools in Connecticut was hit by hackers and their critical systems knocked offline over Labor Day weekend.
  7. Newcastle University in the UK was the next reported a cyber attack as their schools systems have been dropping documents to a dedicated “Doppel Leaks” site.
  8. Equinix was hit with a ransomware attack however they claim their data centers and managed services remained unaffected as it was only internal systems.
  9. Saraburi Hospital in Thailand confirmed they were hit with ransomware but that no demand for money had been made by any hacker or cybercriminal.
  10. SoftServe an Ukraine software developer and IT services provider was hit by a ransomware attack however there has been no confirmation if there was any theft of clients source code.
  11. Manitoulin Transport is one of Canada’s largest transportation companies was a victim of cyber-attacks targeting Canada’s supply chain. The firm decided not to pay the ransom as the information stolen was not important.
  12. The Development Bank of Seychelles (DBS) was hit by ransomware however it remains victim. unclear how the cyberattack occurred and the damage is still being assessed by cyber security experts.
  13. K-Electric is a power distributor in Pakistan and they experienced a ransomware attack that led to disruption of their billing and online services. The cyber criminals asked for $3.8 million in ransom.
  14. Artech Information Systems a large IT staffing companies reported their second ransomware attack this year. Not many other details are around regarding the cyber security attack.
  15. IPG Photonics is a developer of fiber lasers used for cutting, welding, and medical use. They suffered a cyber security ransomware attack that their IT systems worldwide including email, phones, and network connectivity.
  16. Ontario College of Nurses was next by a cyber security attack and they reported that personal information may have been impacted however a ransom demand was not received by the cyber criminals.
  17. Luxottica also known as owning Ray Ban has widespread service outages due to a cybercriminal hacker attack however they have claimed that no client data had been stolen or leaked in the incident.
  18. Anglicare Sydney is a not-for-profit that provides social services and it has been hit by a ransomware cyberattack that was detected immediately and they embarked on remediation and investigation before strengthening their cybersecurity policies and procedures.

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