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What Questions to Ask a Managed IT Services Provider in Toronto?

What Questions to Ask a Managed IT Services Provider in Toronto

Picking a long-term IT consulting partner is not easy therefore these are what questions to ask a managed IT services provider in Toronto.

Technology is important to the business landscape and selecting a long-term managed IT services is one of the most important decisions you can make for your business.

organizations must be able to find the most competent and reliable IT support provider within their area that can deliver the latest technology as well as meet the planned business goals.

What Questions to Ask a Managed IT Services Provider in Toronto? Simple. Here are the top questions to consider.

What are your certifications does your IT support services have?

Top leading IT consulting firms will be able to provide you with accurate information regarding their certifications as well as their corporate policy on keeping their IT support team up-to-date.

How long has your organization been providing IT consulting services? 

Like most industries, you should work with a managed IT services provider that has been in business for years as they have proven years of experience, support, and solutions.

What Partner Certifications and Technical Specialties does your organization have?

Many organizations carry certifications however what level? Many Gold or Premium partners have invested in training and knowledge to provide clients with the best technology.  They also benefit from premium support level as well as sales support from organizations such as Microsoft, Amazon, and many other technology leaders.

What industries do you have experience in offering IT consulting services?

Do they know your industry? Are they aware of industry regulations and processes? This allows you to determine if they have worked within the industry and if it aligns with your business needs.

How large is your managed IT services consulting firm?

Size is not everything, but you should be aware of how large of a client portfolio they have as well as how much resources they will have dedicated to support your organization.  Small managed IT services offer better response as well as a higher priority whereas a large managed IT services have a broader knowledge base and capabilities to support your organization.

What IT support services will they provide your organization?

Do they offer 24/7 IT support services? Does your organization need 24/7 IT support services? Of course, this affects the price and may not always be needed.  Do you connect with a live person? You need to find an IT consulting partner that aligns to your long-term business goals.

Is your onsite service response time backed by a written Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

A certified, professional IT company will put what they offer in writing. They should offer managed services with service-level guarantees. What is their “on-time” guarantee? Their SLA should include this as well as information about how you’ll be compensated if they continually show up late, or if they don’t meet the standards detailed in the SLA.

What is and isn’t covered by your service contract?

In addition to what they do provide, find out what they don’t.  Do they provide fixed-fee services? Are there extra costs, and if so, what are they? Avoid using IT companies that are only interested in fixing what breaks and selling you equipment.  You deserve an IT partner who will work diligently to give you and your employees an IT infrastructure that is secure, reliable, and enhances productivity.

Do you offer outsourced CIO Services? 

Having an Outsourced CIO means your technology will meet your business needs now and into the future. Their CIO should be able to develop an understanding of your business, technology infrastructure, and provide recommendations for leading edge IT solutions that will grow with your business.

Will the managed IT services provider build a plan?

Are they or will they build a Strategic Business Plan that aligns with your budget and business goals using technology as well as your budget.

When will they monitor your IT infrastructure?

You need to be aware, so this may prevent possible downtime and possible network security threats because they will be able to detect problems early before anything fails.

What cyber security services do they offer your organization?

Cybercrime is not new and on the rise. All networks and data must be safeguarded to the greatest degree possible therefore the managed IT services provider must be able to provide up-to-date cybersecurity solutions services to protect your network and data from unauthorized access, malware, phishing, viruses, and various other forms of cybercrime.

Do you provide Backup and Recovery Solutions?

Based on industry best practices, you need an onsite and offsite backup solution to ensure you will have access to your data if it’s stolen, corrupted, accidentally deleted, or damaged due to a flood, fire or another emergency. Also, do they and when do they test it?

What is included in your Disaster Recovery Plan?

A backup is not a disaster recovery plan. It is part of it but not the entire plan. You should ask about their process, potential failure, test of their disaster recovery plan and recovery tests.

How will they migrate you to the Cloud?

You need to ensure your future IT provider can help you understand the cloud as well as its benefits and risks based on your business goals. They need to manage workflows and data, including cost savings, and increased productivity.

If you are in the market for a IT provider, these are what questions to ask a managed IT services provider in Toronto.

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