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Protect Your Business This Winter


As a leading Managed IT Services provider in the Toronto area, we are constantly asking businesses several important questions regarding business uptime.

Looking to protect your business this winter?  Here are some important questions:

  1. Can your business continue in severe weather?
  2. How does your business handle power outages?
  3. What happens if your physical location is destroyed or damaged due to weather?
  4. What if you could not get into your premises because of flooding or snow?
  5. What do you do if key members are unable to get to work?


Each year, we have seen more unpredictable weather hitting the Toronto area and causing many disruptions in everyday life as well as business uptime and productivity.  Due to this pattern in weather, more businesses are looking to protect their data as well as company uptime.

Due to weather, we now face endless amounts of traffic, road closures, high winds, flooding and snow.  All these issues affects businesses throughout the Toronto area each year.

When evaluating your current infrastructure, businesses need to ask themselves the following:

  1. Can your business operate from a different location?
  2. Would company downtime cause a disruption if you missed important deadlines?
  3. How long would it take to recover your IT systems if there was a hardware failure?
  4. Is your data backed up including local and offsite?


Good news is that if you are using proactive IT Support Services professionals, there is technology out there to help minimize these risks.  Here are some technologies that can help your business stay up and running even if there are some outages due to weather.


365 iT SOLUTIONS is 100% in the cloud.  During the ice storm of 2013, 365 iT SOLUTIONS was fully functional even thou our physical office was without power for three business days.


  1. Hosted Cloud Email – There are many enterprise class hosted email systems out there for businesses. 365 iT SOLUTIONS uses Microsoft 365 internally as well as client sites.  Since Microsoft 365 is hosted by Microsoft in data centres across the world and they financially guarantee 99.9% uptime.


  1. Cloud Servers – There are many cloud options when it comes to cloud servers and infrastructure.  We recommend that companies take advantage of open and flexible platforms that allows companies to quickly build, deploy and manage applications.  365 iT SOLUTIONS offers many great cloud solutions including private cloud in our ISO certified data centre and Microsoft Azure.


  1. Hosted Phone System – Many companies are now upgrading to fully-managed, enterprise-grade hosted cloud phone systems. By utilizing cloud-based technology and ISO certified Canadian data centres, hosted cloud phone systems allow business to keep lines of communication open.  If your company loses power, you can still access your phone system as long as you have an internet connection.  You can access your extension by plugging in your work phone.


If you are looking to keep your business up and running during an ice storm or keep you staff working remotely, talk to our one of our IT consultants for a real vision on how technology can help as these are three major components of business disaster recovery.


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