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Why POP Email is bad for Business


Is your business still using POP email for business?  Well, it may be bad for your business.  Many small businesses are still relying on POP email to transfer critical business information between clients and staff.

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Here is a list of why POP email is bad for your business.

  1. Outdated technology

POP email has been around for a very long time and it has helped changed the way organizations do business.  Email has become one of the most important functions in any business. The unfortunate part is many business are really on old POP service instead of upgrading to a Cloud service.

  1. Insecure Email

In the past, phishing, hackers, malware and other organized crime group were not a threat as they are today.  Many did not understand the value of information and data.  So where is the issue?  Most POP email usernames and passwords are transmitted unencrypted in clear text meaning that anyone that has access to the network you are using including a wireless network like at the local coffee shop can capture your password and access your email.  Cloud email services are more secure and uses multiple levels of encryption to protect your information.

  1. Limited on Multiple Devices

When POP email was created, mobile devices were not around therefore mobility was not a consideration.  Today we have users with multiple devices including workstation, tablets, smart phones and many other devices all accessing the same information.  Now you can access a POP email from all these devices however they will not be synchronized. With a Cloud email solutions, you are able to access email from all the devices as well as a browser.  Everything is synchronized and no worries about relying on one device.

  1. Lacks Business Features

As stated above, businesses need features to make their time more productive.  In business, you need access to Calendars, task lists, meeting rooms, shared mail boxes and address books to mention a few.  With POP you can use all this items however you will rely on 3rd party software and often cannot be shared with coworkers.  Cloud email provides all of these features and much more in a secure environment.

  1. POP is Not Cost Effective

Many providers include POP email with their outdated Web hosting package or you are paying for separate for your business email.  Business class email cost money however it is not a major business expense but as a successful business, you want to put money at good services.  Cloud services today offer modern email with security and business class features in mind.  There is no comparison in POP email versus Cloud email.  Cloud email will increase your profitability and as well as productivity.


How do you move away from POP email to Cloud email for your business?

If you are interested in moving your business away from POP email, consider how Cloud email will increase productivity, security and profitability for your organization.  Microsoft 365 offers multiple plans to fit your business whether you are a small, midsize, or enterprise organization.

365 iT SOLUTIONS can migrate your business to Microsoft 365 during off hours with little to no disruptions to your business.

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