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Most Overlooked Security Threats to your Business

Most Overlooked

Security threats are obvious due to all the headlines however here is a list of the most overlooked security threats to your business.

IT security management is a proactive game as there is always a new security threat to worry.  It is almost impossible to keep track of every factor putting an organization at risk, however, a proactive approach will reduce your liability and exposure.

Below is a listed of most overlooked security threats to your business.


This is an old one but it has recently been changed according to intelligence analysts at Malwarebytes.

The attackers use to target high-profile media sites with malware but learned those attacks generated a lot of attention so now they turned their attention to smaller sites, foreign websites and file-sharing sites.

The hackers and cyber criminals rely on malicious ads to generate revenue, collect identities and install malware that can be used to add a machine to a botnet in the future.

You can reduce the malvertising by patching systems and using ad blockers to increase your IT security.

Internet of Things

Many businesses are unaware of how IoT devices put their business, data, and reputation at risk.

Here is an example of how IoT can put you at risk. If you or employees work from home and you have a smart IoT such as fridge, they are putting your business at risk if their homes are not secure properly.

If the smart IoT refrigerator is hacked and your computer is on the same network, where is the protection?

You should educate employees on why they should exercise good security measure including their home networks.

Poor encryption practices

Most organizations are looking and trying to enforce their encryption policy however sometimes it is not the correct encryption practices.  There are many companies using good encryption practices when data is in transit however they fail to secure data when stored.

Unfortunately, this is a result of bad encryption key management as many organizations store encryption keys on the same system as the data and give the keys to many employees.

You should always store encryption keys on separate systems from the data to add another layer of security to your corporate policies.

In-memory attacks

These in-memory cyber-attacks amounts to 20 to 30% of daily cyber threats as these are executed malware on malicious Word, Excel, or via the internet browser on an infected web page.

To protect against in-memory cyber-attacks, you should disable macros on any endpoint or computer that does not need them.

“Evil maid” attacks

Evil maid cyber-attacks target machines that have been left unattended for the purpose of stealing information or installing malware.  When someone has physical access to your computer, they should be able to hack it unless you have full hard drive encryption and it will go unnoticed because the device is not physically stolen.

Undereducated employees

It is important that employees have the fundamentals of privacy and understanding of data security as this is a threat to your business.

Security is commonly thought of as a technology problem however it is important to extend training to everyone in the organization. Cyber criminals and hackers target lower-level employees who have access to sensitive information but weaker security practices than executives.

These are the most overlooked security threats to your business however you can be protected.

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