How does IT outsourcing work with your IT department?

How does IT outsourcing work with your IT department?

Many companies and employees worry about IT outsourcing and managed IT services providers but the truth is IT outsourcing work with your IT department, not against it.

In today’s economy and business landscape, IT outsourcing and managed IT services is starting to complement existing departments and not replace the current IT department or IT staff. This gives companies access to services and experience that would cost a fraction of the cost it would take to employ them full-time.

How does IT outsourcing work with your IT department? Here is a list of misconceptions.

IT Outsourcing augments – The majority of small and midsize business (SMB) have a few core expertise such as finance, law, real estate, mining, manufacturing, and health care. This means that the business will have certain areas that they are experts at, but this also means that they will have areas where they lack the expertise and experience to excel at in their business.

This is why IT outsourcing and managed IT services allows businesses to excel in their business. This gives businesses core expertise for the fraction of the cost. This allows existing internal staff to focus on more important matters and leave the day to day operations to managed IT services providers.

Do you need IT Generalists vs. IT Specialists? – Technology is constantly evolving and changing overnight. This can cause problems for every small and midsize business (SMB) who is dependent on technology. As with change and new innovations, it changes the landscape and internal IT workers cannot be specialists in everything.  By stretching employees past their limits, it can reduce their productivity and cost your business money.

This is why companies take advantage of IT outsourcing, IT consultants and managed IT services providers. They give companies the time and resources needed to train staff on new technology. With access to IT specialists, they bring knowledge and expertise for a fraction of the price it would take to employ them in-house.

Choose based on the lowest priced IT outsourcing firm or managed IT services provider – You know the old saying, “you get what you paid for”. By choosing the cheapest IT outsourcing firm or managed IT services provider does not mean you are getting the value for your money as it can lead to subpar quality, improper business operations, and overall IT support services for your company. Take advantage of a free IT consultation or Network Assessment including an interview. This will ensure you find the right fit and this should be seen as long term, not short term relationship.

What is outsource and what is in-house? – You should have a clear idea of what is to be outsourced and what is to be kept in-house before you take advantage of IT outsourcing or managed IT services. Outsourcing can be a huge financial and productivity benefit to your business but IT outsourcing firms and managed IT services providers have different expertise and experiences that differ from their core expertise and can supplement and in most case make their business run better, more efficient and effectively.

This will help lower costs of hard-to-find IT skills and take advantage of globally competitive rates as well as give you access to IT skills when and where needed. No more investment into training and it will help drive quality, productivity, speed and profitability within your organization.

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