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Outsourcing Increasing Business Competitiveness

The IT outsourcing market is growing and companies are benefiting.  Companies are facing ever changing regulatory laws and many other factors with the business environment.

IT consulting firms are expanding their services including Managed IT Services and IT Support Services in order the address the increase shift from business-to-business industry.  The majority of the IT outsourcing contracts signed are related to addressing legacy systems and increasing compliance.

Technology is leveling the playing field for all businesses.  Now business owner have two options:

  1. Embrace outsourcing business functions including IT and grow your business
  2. Let competitors embrace outsourcing and outgrow your business.

So which outsourcing side are you on?

Here are some common reason why business have a misperception about outsourcing certain functions.

  • Outsourcing is less risky than hiring people.

By outsourcing IT, you have now reduced your risk and lower your overall operating expenses.  Now you are working with Managed IT Services providers (MSP) that have specific talents on staff instead of hiring a generalist full-time.  You also get access to a full team of enterprise class talent for the same price as an internal generalist.

  • Access to high quality talent.

Business spend too much time trying to find the right talent.  This is especially true for major markets including Toronto.  The cost of high quality talent in these markets can be pricey.  Some businesses consider offshoring their IT for a lower cost however there are two issues.

The first is your will accessing talent outside of the country so they may not have industry specific talent or geographic experience.  The second is that your data will be outside the country and fall under the law of where it is stored do once your data is stored outside Canada, Canadian law is no longer relevant.

Outsourcing IT covers many areas including Managed IT Services and IT Support Services no matter what size or business you are part of and the reality now is how to expand the budgets and stay competitive.

So how will you capitalize on this outsourcing opportunity?

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