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Outsourcing Does Not Mean Offshoring

Many companies have turned to outsourcing for many reasons however there is a huge gap in knowledge when it comes to outsourcing versus offshoring.

This is nothing new as many industries look at outsourcing.  On average, a manufacturer outsources 70% to 80% of its finished product as outsourcing is no longer seen as cost saving but as a strategic tool.

We are a IT outsourcing firm and offer many different services including tech support services, managed IT services, and cloud services however we are an outsourcing firm, not a offshoring firm as all our talent is 100% Canadian.

The change has been tremendous as successful business leaders are viewing outsourcing as a business tactic that allows them to stay competitive on the world stage.

What is Outsourcing and Offshoring?

Outsourcing refers to an organization contracting work out to a 3rd party on your country whereas offshoring refers to getting work done in a different country.

If you are in the market to outsource a business function such as IT outsourcing, here is a comparison od the services and differences.


Offshoring transfers jobs to other countries and does not support local economies and talent.  Offshoring also introduces other risks to businesses such as geopolitical risk, language differences and poor communication to mention a few.


Outsourcing allows you to tap into local talent that understands the economy, support your economy and gives you access to a large pool of skilled people, services and partners.



Offshoring is supplying another country and talent. It does not support local talent and economies.  It is obvious that offshoring is more cost effective than outsourcing companies must measure how they value service, communications and skills of the workers.


There are a lot of business functions that can be outsourced or offshored including human resources, information technology, manufacturing, sales, marketing, payroll, accounting, finance, security, transportation and logistics but successful business leaders understand that by outsourcing, the company will have a competitive advantage over its competitors by handling growth and business direction. With an outsourced partner, they understand the local economy and can easily align with your business to meet its goals or protect it during unforeseen issues like local storms, blackouts and more.


Beside IT support services or managed IT services, are you in the market for some other IT function or project and need talent? By connecting with IT outsourcing firms, you gain access to local talent and once again, support the local economy.

365 iT SOLUTIONS is an industry leader that understands that technology can be expensive however it does not have to be that way.  Using a proactive managed services approach allows you to predict and budget monthly IT costs and eliminate uncertainties of your IT network and IT budget.

With our proactive managed services program, you will access 100% Canadian team that cover your entire network for a flat predictable monthly fee.

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