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Office IT Relocation Services

Are you looking for office IT relocation services in Toronto? 365 iT SOLUTIONS offers cost-effective and hassle-free office IT relocation services to help simplify moving to a new location. This is all done using a seamless transition of all your technology to ensure uptime with minimal disruption.


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Smooth Network Relocation With 365iT

Office IT relocation services are a very exciting time for businesses as they move to a new location. But if not handled following proper protocol, a move can be disruptive. Office IT relocation services save organizations from a messy and unorganized move. During the office move and transition, there is always the chance of forgetting where a cable should be plugged into, accidentally leaving behind files in old computers, or encountering network issues once your new office is set up and running.

Office IT relocation services help organizations properly plan an office IT relocation. This will help avoid costly business downtimes that could impact your clients, reputation, and leave sensitive files and equipment vulnerable. When moving an office, there are many items to consider beyond office space layout. You will need to ensure unneeded cables are removed and disconnected properly as well to protect sensitive equipment.

365 iT SOLUTIONS office IT relocation services help simplify and streamline the whole moving process to eliminate downtime and quickly get your IT infrastructure running.

Office IT Relocation Services

Transfer of Equipment

365 iT SOLUTIONS office IT relocation services are available in two formats depending on a client’s business needs.z

The first option is to have 365 iT SOLUTIONS handle the entire office IT relocation services in Toronto. Our technical support team will pack, tag, handle, and place all new equipment in the correct new location. This includes all IT infrastructure including hardware, firewalls, network switches, NAS, server, phones, and computers. We will plan according to your timeline and strategically disconnect and reinstall all the infrastructure and test it to ensure everything works perfectly at your new location to guarantee the office IT relocation is a success.

The second option is to have 365 iT SOLUTIONS handle the core network and install at the new site. Our managed IT services team will move the core network to the new office including firewall, network switches, NAS, and server. At the new site, we will install and test the equipment while the moving company and employees move the remainder of the equipment.

We will test everything, including attending to each user to ensure they are connected. This option is very cost effective as part of our office IT relocation services.

Office Network Ethernet Cables

When an organization uses 365 iT SOLUTIONS office IT relocation services, our managed IT services team will ensure everything works as planned to ensure that everything is exactly where it should be including firewalls, network switches, NAS, computers, phones, and other IT infrastructure equipment at your new office location.

This phase of office IT relocation services includes our tech support team, ensuring employees are set up to work as they need so they can ensure they are working ergonomically and using every inch of their new space efficiently.

As part of our office IT relocation services, 365 iT SOLUTIONS will ensure your new site is ready prior to moving, including the cabling and the server room. This will ensure no downtime or surprises during the office move to the new location.

As a leading systems integrator in Toronto, 365 iT SOLUTIONS specializes in network cabling solutions for businesses. Our trained and insured cable technicians will skillfully connect clients with state-of-the-art data, surveillance, and telecommunications systems using industry-best practices for network and structured cabling.

365 iT SOLUTIONS office IT relocation services work with Ethernet CAT 5, Ethernet CAT 6, and Fiber Optic to handle any Toronto network cabling project. Our cabling infrastructure projects are future proof and provide clients with a long investment that can transmit data quickly, securely, and effectively.

As the preferred network cabling installation expert in Toronto, we service a variety of organizations including office environments, manufacturing, industrial, construction, and much more. Our cable infrastructure installations offer our clients installations that are unobtrusive and always run along the least visible path. For new office builds undergoing construction, our cable installation projects are completely invisible and installed within the structural walls during the construction phase.

365 iT SOLUTIONS office IT relocation services are custom tailored to fit the business needs, business goals, and standards of our clients. Network cabling installations are not one size fits all and no two organizations are alike.

Structured network cabling offers a wide variety of network cables available to suit every organization’s unique business needs. Network cabling installations depend on various items to ensure the installation can transmit data efficiently however it will depend on your network needs, physical location, environment, and other core business requirements.

As businesses and technology continue to scale, there is an increasing demand for higher levels of technology, bandwidth, and advanced applications. To support these technology advancements, structured cabling has evolved to deliver faster and more reliable data transmission in bandwidth management.

365 iT SOLUTIONS office IT relocation services will ensure that your new office location is future proof and protect your investment.

Hardware and Software Procurement

When organizations move to a new location, it is usually a signal of business growth and you will need the right tools to keep your business in a position for a brighter future. Your new office location can be larger or in a better area for business however you may need more advanced technology equipment to make things work properly.

365 iT SOLUTIONS office IT relocation services will ensure that all upgrades are handled prior to the move, from a new VOIP system or computers to give employees faster and more advanced technology at their fingertips. As you give your employees more technology to help your business grow, we will present to your organization new technology and new industry-leading IT solutions from leading technology providers to fit your unique business and new office.

365 iT SOLUTIONS’ office IT relocation services in Toronto includes:

  • Planning that minimizes downtime and unforeseen technical issues using our tech support team.
  • Disconnecting equipment including firewalls, network switches, NAS, computers, and other hardware.
  • Help planning the specialized moving of equipment with our managed IT services team or movers.
  • Assistance in network and telephone structured cable installation.
  • Hardware connection, setup, and network testing to ensure performance at your new location.
  • Detailed audits of all items to keep accurate track of location at all times.

Server Room Configuration

365 iT SOLUTIONS office IT relocation services includes our managed IT services team that specialize in all aspects of a server room from top to bottom. We ensure the new office location will follow industry best practices with an efficient installation and allowance for future maintenance.

As part of your new office move in Toronto, our tech support team will perform your Toronto IT server installation. If your networking, business server hardware, and other network appliances are stacked on a desk or shelf in your old location, now is the time for a clean setup. This will not only secure equipment, but it will also prolong its use by ensuring they are installed properly with the proper air flow. Networking and servers left in the open can be subject to tampering, theft, and other technical support troubles. As your business grows, you need a server room that is secure, organized, scalable, and future proof.

365 iT SOLUTIONS’ office IT relocation services provide Toronto IT server installations as part of our service. Whether you own a small or medium-sized business or enterprise in Toronto, our professional managed IT services team will configure and set up an industry-leading server room catered to your unique business needs.

This will include asset tagging and properly labelling all components in your server room including firewalls, network switches, servers, NAS so that you spend less time locating equipment when needed to troubleshoot an item. 365 iT SOLUTIONS’ office IT relocation services configure server rooms for optimization including the following:

  • Accessibility to Structured Cabling – Our managed services team will enable easy access to all your structured network cabling including ethernet and fibre connections. You will quickly be able to locate and access each networking component.
  • Optimal Airflow – Our tech support team will ensure the longevity of your technology equipment by setting up the server room to keep systems running cooler and longer.
  • Reduced Square Footage – Our managed IT services team ensures we use slim and tall racks to maximize the space, as well as mounting equipment on the wall when possible, to optimize even the smallest server room setups.
  • Server Room Esthetics – Our technical team is very neat and organized. We will ensure the room is clean, organized and labelled properly as the server room is the core component to ensuring your business runs smoothly.

365 iT SOLUTIONS’ office IT relocation services are custom tailored to fit the unique needs and quality standards set by our clients.

Surveillance Cameras

365 iT SOLUTIONS’ office IT relocation services also includes the creation of a custom surveillance package using the professional products designed for your business and industry.

Our industry-leading Toronto security camera installations use the latest in state-of-the-art surveillance camera technology. Whether you are looking to proactively monitor employee performance, quality assurance, or deter criminal acts such as theft, burglary, or assault, we will build a custom surveillance solution for your unique business.

We deliver industry leading smart surveillance technology to our clients so they can remotely proactively monitor their premises from anywhere in the world including their smart phones or computer. Our diverse selection of industry-leading security cameras allows us to tailor a custom unique security surveillance solution for any clients’ need, preference, or budget.

365 iT SOLUTIONS’ office IT relocation services surveillance camera security solutions accommodate a wide range of clients from commercial to industrial. It can be a wide variety of security cameras followed by installation and configuration of Digital Video Recorder (DVR) or Network Video Recorder (NVR). We also provide all the necessary training to all employees that will use these security systems.

365 iT SOLUTIONS’ office IT relocation services will get your new location in Toronto up and running in no time with a smooth transition between the locations that will allow for a better office space that will improve employee workflow and increase productivity.

Our goal is to keep your organization as business as usual with no downtimes and no lost connections.

365 iT SOLUTIONS is committed to making it simple and easy. We offer hassle free and worry-free IT that ensures our clients are getting the best technology in the industry.

We make iT make sense in simple English. No tech talk.

365 iT SOLUTIONS is Toronto’s leading iT consulting firm offering industry leading Managed IT Services, Managed Security Services, IT Support Services, IT Outsourcing, Remote IT Support, Cloud Services, Disaster Recovery, and VoIP services.

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