Microsoft Office 365 is your complete office in the cloud giving you secure anywhere access to professional email, shared calendars, Instant Messaging, online conferencing and collaboration on documents.

Office 365 is Available Anywhere

It does not matter whether you are working in your office or remote, you access to the latest Office suite applications from your PC, Mac, iOS, Android or Windows device.

Office 365 Offers Business Professional Tools

Brand your business-class email address with your company name to build name recognition, and market your business with customized marketing materials that are easy to create. Connect better with customers and colleagues with a range of communication tools, from email and IM to social networking and video conferencing.

Office 365 Delivers ROI

Office 365 offers no upfront cost for up to date software. A study conducted by Forrester Consulting found Office 365 delivers an ROI of 321 percent with a payback period of two months for the midsize organization.

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Office 365 Compliance and Security

Office 365 has industry leading security, privacy controls and compliance built-in to keep your data safe. For complete details, visit Office 365 Trust Center.

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Office 365 Availability

Office 365 offers a 99.9% uptime financially backed guarantee. Microsoft offers redundancy at every layer–physical, data and functional to ensure maximum uptime.

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Office 365 Archiving Solutions

Does your business need email archiving in order to meet compliance regulations? Office 365 does offer archiving solutions however there are also third party Office 365 archiving solutions that can help. We can preserve your company email archives and ensure they remain intact over the long-term. Office 365 email archiving will reduce your legal exposure. If you are unable to produce emails in court, you may no longer have an acceptable legal defense.

Office 365 Support, Office 365 migration and Office 365 Deployment

With 365 iT SOLUTIONS, you will have a plan and avoid data loss. We make Cloud 365 iT SOLUTIONS offers and industry leading complimentary Cloud Services Assessment. Our team we deliver a complete picture of your current IT infrastructure including how Office 365 can increase your productivity, profitability and meet your business goals.