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Microsoft 365 Encryption Secures Your Business

Microsoft 365 encryption allows companies to have peace of mind when it comes to cloud email.  We will address how secure Microsoft 365 encryption is and how to use it.

Microsoft 365 encryption allows delivers confidential communications with enhanced security allowing users to send and receive encrypted email as easily as regular email directly from their desktops.  The good news here is that Microsoft 365 allows emails to be encrypted without complex hardware and software.  You also do not need to purchase, configure or maintain any hardware or software which allows your business to minimize capital investment, free up resources and mitigate messaging risks.

Microsoft 365 Encryption Scenarios

  • Encrypt a bank employee sending credit card statements
  • Insurance company providing policy details to customers encrypted
  • Providing financial information to a customer securely
  • A health care provider sending encrypted health care information to patients
  • A law firm sending confidential encrypted information to a customer

Microsoft 365 Security and Reliability

  • Microsoft 365 encryption provides security that protects your information.
  • Microsoft 365 can send encrypted email messages regardless of the email address.
  • Microsoft 365 eliminates the need for certificates and use of an email address as the public key.
  • Microsoft 365 communicates through a TLS-enabled network that enhances message security.

Microsoft 365 Control

Good news is that Microsoft 365 encryption keeps your data safe while allowing you to maintain full control of your environment.  You can easily set up encryption using the single action Exchange transport rules as well as protect sensitive information.  It will help manage compliance by leveraging the strong integration with data loss prevention and integrate with existing email infrastructure for minimal capital investment.

Microsoft 365 Maintenance

Like most email cloud services, Microsoft 365 makes it easy protect your organization’s email.  You can navigate through the encrypted message with an Microsoft 365 interface as well as deliver directly to an inbox and not to a third party.  It will also email decrypted and read with confidence without the installation of software.

Simplified user management that eliminates the need for certificate maintenance.

How to buy Microsoft 365 Message Encryption

Microsoft 365 Message Encryption requires the purchase of Microsoft Azure Rights Management.

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