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Microsoft 365 clutter tool helps clear your inbox

Microsoft has been committed to Microsoft 365 to fit all types of your businesses including small, midsize, and enterprise.  As many companies adopt Microsoft 365, many do not know of helpful features such as Clutter.

As a leading managed IT services firm, we have a vast amount of clients to support under our IT support services agreement.  We always bring our clients up-to-date on technology and the tools associated with it including Microsoft 365 Clutter.


So how does Microsoft 365 Clutter work?

Clutter is similar to Google Gmail Priority Inbox feature.  Clutter determines which messages you are likely to want to handle straight away rather than later and proactively moves the email out of the way to free up your inbox.

Clutter takes advantage of Office Graph’s sophisticated machine learning techniques to determine which messages are considered Clutter.  Over time, Clutter gets smarter by learning from your prior actions with similar messages and assessing things like the type of content or how you are addressed in the message.

Clutter is personalized to each individual and reflects an email experience that adapts to your actions and preferences without you having to do anything.  It learns from the user’s actions and it is not shared with anyone else.


How do you work with Microsoft 365 Clutter?

Simple.  Less important messages are moved to the Clutter folder.  They remain there until you have time to review the items if you choose to.  You can proactively train Clutter by marking items as Clutter or simply move the items to the Clutter folder.  Clutter is continuously learning and will adapt to your patterns within days when you begin working with it.

If you are not interested in using Clutter, you can turn Clutter off using in your OWA options page.


Check out Microsoft Microsoft 365 video to see how Clutter works.


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