Objections to Cloud Services

Is your business looking at the cloud

Cloud services is everywhere and more organizations are adopting cloud solutions however there still is common objections to cloud services from organizations that are resistant to the idea.

Even thou cloud services is making companies more profitable and efficient, the reality is that many companies still do not understand cloud computing and cloud services.

As a leading IT consulting company, managed IT services (MSP) company in the Toronto area, we will address some concerns companies bring up in meetings with a simple explanation.

Is the cloud secure?

Yes, but nothing is 100%.  Security is one of the biggest concerns surrounding cloud services and also one of the biggest hurdles.  There have been high-profile data breaches in the past that have given cloud services a negative image however security is increasing daily and cloud providers are doing everything in their power to maintain security and protect your information.

Your trusted managed IT services provider will evaluate your business needs and goals prior to selecting the right cloud services for you company.  Their team will then setup your cloud services in a manner that will increase your productivity as well as security.

Will we lose our data?

No, as long as it is setup properly the first time.  There is an unfortunate misconception that cloud computing can magically lose data and companies also believe that since they can’t see the cloud, their information is not safe and secure.

Managed IT services providers are aware of the issues there was with cloud security. By evaluating an organizations business goals, your IT consulting partner can alleviate these concerns by providing complete disclosure of policies and procedures regarding data loss.  The cloud is a great business tool however your trusted IT consulting partner can also create a contingency plan for your organization.

Will my employees embrace cloud computing?

No one likes change for the good or bad.  When an organization makes a commitment to introduce cloud computing to their business, they must accept that there will be an adjustment period.

Your managed IT services provider will ensure that your organization will get through the cloud services migration process smoothly. Migrations should always be executed in stages to ensure your organization is not overwhelmed or items are falling through the cracks.

Will my company be compliant?

There are many regulations and compliance standards to consider before committing to cloud services.  If you are in a regulated industry, it is important that you know and understand your organizations responsibilities to staying complaint.

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