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Do Not Be a Victim of Targeted Email Attacks

The rise of targeted email attacks is not new and their numbers are on the rise however you can avoid to becoming a target and victim.

As a leading managed IT services provider, we are proactively working at reducing the risk to our clients.  Cybercriminals rank their targets based on the critical business information. Healthcare, financial, government branches, corporations and nonprofits all carry sensitive information which is worth money on the black market.

Unfortunately, most victims have no knowledge that they were subject to these targeted email attacks as they are not properly trained to identify the warning signs of such cyber attacks resulting in financial losses, stolen data, and virus infections.

At 365 iT SOLUTIONS, we encourage all users to stay secure at all times as well as deploying multiple different preventative measures to protect your business need to be taken.

Here are some basic security measures all users should take to avoid becoming a victim of targeted email attacks.


Is your company protected from targeted email attacks?

Our complimentary network and security assessment will put your company, users, and security to the test.

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