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No Server is Needed with Serverless Computing

No Server is Needed with Serverless Computing

As technology advances with cloud services, organizations are quickly realizing that no server is needed with serverless computing.  There are better options for organizations.

In recent years, organizations have realized that no server is needed with serverless computing as an option and a very fast-growing technical trend among organizations.  This term maybe misleading, as organizations still use server computing power as their data still uses servers for data storage however, they leave handling of server maintenance to cloud service providers or managed IT services providers.  Organizations have the benefit to only pay for the storage they use.

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This gives organizations a great benefit for using a no server environment so their teams can concentrate on core skill rather than setting up the servers and provisioning of them.  This server cloud services model is extremely cost-effective and increasing in popularity however it can pose several cyber security risks.

No server environment offers both pros and cons, and we will cover the cyber security risks that come with it.

How do I get rid of a server? Here are the benefits of no server

Organizations have come to expect simplicity and convenience from technology in the digital age.  Slow network connectivity can leave many users frustrated.  It is becoming more and more challenging for IT departments and managed IT services providers to roll out new services and applications quickly. Working quickly and conveniently is an important part of the competitive landscape of the modern competitive world.

Organization with no server for their serverless computing do not have to worry about operational concerns.  Technical support issues with fault tolerance, scalability, availability, provisioning, and other infrastructure concerns are entirely the responsibility of the managed IT services provider or clouds services provider. In addition, growing organizations do not need to keep idle servers if they not used.

There is a cost to convenience as cloud servers can be affordable than having your own dedicated servers however it can pose cyber security risks for your organizations.

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Do companies still use file servers? The risks of no server

In terms of cyber security, cloud servers do not take the full responsibility away from the organization.  While sharing responsibilities with the managed IT services provider or cloud services provider, the organization is still responsible for how data is saved and setup for user access.

Listed below are some of the most common security risks associated with cloud servers.

  1. Cloud server environments are especially vulnerable to Denial of Service (DoS) attacks by hackers. Organizations need to ensure if the managed IT services provider or cloud services provider becomes a victim of this type of attack, they have a backup plan or disaster recovery plan to get out of the situation.
  2. Cyber criminals may also target your cloud server operation if your technical support resources are exhausted. If malicious hackers cause a server to overrun for a period, your organization will be liable for the financial losses.
  3. Cloud servers can be insecure if not setup properly. Organizations need to work with their managed IT services provider to ensure the proper and custom settings are in place.  This will ensure optimum cyber security as well as the proper use of specific business applications.  There is a security risk as these settings can be misconfigured, which is a way to permanently lose data.
  4. Third party and cloud servers are a very important section to examine with your managed IT services provider, cloud services provider, or IT department. These may employ open-source libraries and may even consume remote web services through API calls.  You should list what cloud servers your third-party vendors use.  A dedicated web server is one of the many reasons why some businesses prefer to host their websites on a dedicated server rather than going serverless.


Cyber security has become far more complicated and difficult to manage in the current environment, because of which these benefits can come at a cost.  A thorough examination of your cloud servers and an understanding of the risks involved are essential before organizations make the decision to move to cloud servers like Azure and AWS.

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