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No Password is Required to Access Macs

In an interesting recent security threat, no password is required to access Macs, therefore, allowing anyone to login. Find out how to fix it and protect yourself.

If you are using MacOS High Sierra, you should be aware of this large security vulnerability.  This security issue only affects Macs that run MacOS High Sierra.  It allows anyone to log into your system as an administrator without valid login credentials.  On technical terms, a cybercriminal or malicious can login into the “root” of your system while leaving the password field blank.

The bad news is anyone with little to no technical knowledge can access your computer easily.

No password is required to access Macs but the good news is there is an easy fix to protect your Mac.

You must change your Mac system’s Root password.

Based on MacOS High Sierra, this is how to fix the problem of no password required to access Macs.

  1. Open up System Preferences, select Login no options, then click Join right beside Network Account Server.
  2. From here, mouse up to your Finder bar, and click Edit. From this drop-down menu click Change Root Password.

No Password is Required to Access Macs (1)

No Password is Required to Access Macs (2)

This is not a minor security vulnerability, this is a large security issue for Macs running MacOS High Sierra.

Apple also released a security update for the software and the download is available in the App Store. Apple also stated that the security update will be automatically installed on all Macs running macOS High Sierra 10.13.1.

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