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New Ransomware Ranscam Deletes Files

New Ransomware Ranscam Deletes Files

New ransomware Ranscam deletes files even if the victim chooses to pay the ransom. Protect your data and business.

A new common theme of deleting files has become common from cyber criminals of ransomware. Ransomware has many new variants and continues to multiply. Ranscam malware is a low-tech attack however it is highly destructive and demands ransom and then deletes files.

Ranscam is not the first ransomware to delete files as there is also AnonPop and JIGSAW. Ranscam lacks crypto and is nowhere as complex or advanced as Cryptowall and other ransomware attacks.


How do you protect yourself from new ransomware Ranscam?


  1. Check the email sender – Trust is the name of the game. If the email is supposedly from a bank, verify it but highly unlikely. If the email came from a personal contact but seems strange, confirm if your contact sent the message prior to clicking.
  1. Check the content of the message – Most messages have factual errors or discrepancies that you can spot. Spammed email messages can also use other social engineering lures to persuade users to open the message.
  1. Do not click on links in email – This rule should be simple and you should never click when in doubt. Clicking on links in email should be avoided and it is safer to visit any site mentioned in email directly.
  1. Always maintain up-to-date software – Always maintain updated software including anti-virus, malware protection and many other security steps such as firewalls with built-in security services.
  1. Backup your data – Nothing can protect your business more that a proper data backup. All businesses should follow the simple principle by having three copies of data. You should have three copies of data on two different media and one copy offsite. You should consult with your IT consultant or It department by using a Windows feature called Volume Shadow Copy. It allows you to restore files to their previous state.

New ransomware Ranscam deletes files but you can protect your business with some simple steps.

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