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New ransomware encrypts your data but forgets the key

New ransomware encrypts your data but forgets the key

As ransomware continues to grow and adapt, the latest string of ransomware encrypts your data but forgets the key. Is your business ready?

Ransomware is nothing new however it is a constant challenge for organizations as well as IT departments and managed IT services (MSP) providers. The latest string of malware works the same as previous versions by encrypting files on a target computer and charging the owner a ransom if they ever want to gain access again.

Ransomware attacks are becoming an increasingly popular tool with cybercriminals as they can cause large-scale damage to critical systems and force victims to pay large sums of money to unlock information.

The new string is going to be a challenge because unfortunately there is a major bug in the ransomware causing it to not only encrypt the data but it also forgets the encryption key.

What does this mean to your business?

Simple. If you do not have current backups of your data that have been managed and verified, your information will be lost forever. Even if you pay the ransom the files will stay locked up forever.

As a business you should evaluate the following key points:

  • How much is your company data and reputation worth?
  • Is your business running a business class firewall with security services?
  • Does your business have multiple backup copies?
  • Does your organizations backing up locally and offsite?

Businesses have to remember that disaster recovery is not a backup, it is a complete solution to address multiple different areas to keep your business running in case disaster strikes.

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