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Myths and Misconceptions About Managed IT Services

Myths and Misconceptions About Managed IT Services

With the complexity of technology, it can easily get confusing causing myths and misconceptions about managed IT services. Let’s clear the air.

Organizations face challenges these days when it comes to IT management, IT monitoring, and IT maintenance.  Should IT be in-house? Should we outsource IT to a managed IT services provider? Should we look at a hybrid model?

There are many myths and misconceptions therefore you should not let the following about IT outsourcing stop you from getting the most out of your IT investments and IT infrastructure.

  1. We need someone on-site IT support services

No, not really.  Proactive leading managed IT services providers use proven policies, procedures, and enterprise-class tools to manage their networks.  Example, 365 iT SOLUTIONS can resolve 99% of all tech issues remotely with no on-site IT support services required.  If you do experience downtime such as hardware failure, you still have access to on-site IT support services. Good news is you will pay only for what you use.

  1. We have complex IT infrastructure needs

Yes, but extremely rare especially in the small and midsize business (SMB).  If you are a large multinational corporation with several hundred locations and thousands of employees or NASA, then yes, you would have a complex IT infrastructure that would require more than just managed IT services.

Core technology used by many organizations is very similar plus most technology these days is scalable therefore offering you a stable network, reliable devices, and security. If these don’t work, your employees can’t work.

  1. We will lose control of our IT infrastructure

Absolutely not.  The networks belong to the client and the managed IT services provider is strictly there for proactive IT management. It is common practice for the IT provider to hold the administrator password as many of them are financially insured to protect and manage your IT infrastructure.  If you decide to end your relationship with a managed IT services provider, they have an offboarding list that will allow them to hand over the network with little to no downtime and completely secure.

  1. We can do IT management for less internally

Sorry must disagree. A good level 2 technical support professional with cost you approximately $50,000.  You must also included all other costs associated with an employee including Canada Pension Plan (CPP) contributions, employment insurance premiums, and other expenses.

With a good managed IT services provider, you get the entire team of Level 1 technical support to level 3 technical support professionals.  No insurance premiums, no CPP, no vacations, and no sick days.  You get an always up-to-date IT professionals team with real world experience and knowledge.

  1. Our current IT infrastructure setup works

Awesome but are you exposed to security threats such as Ransomware? If not, you need to speak with a managed IT services provider.  Managed IT services providers will make a large impact on your organization and make chaotic to stable.

Our complimentary network and security assessment can put your IT infrastructure and business to the test.

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