Increase security with multi-factor authentication for Office 365

Increase security with multi-factor authentication for Office 365

Everyone can increase security with multi-factor authentication for Office 365 and protect from targeted new phishing scams.

Microsoft has been an immense success with Microsoft Office 365 with over 1.2 billion users worldwide. Successful software results in a larger target.  Now Office 365 users must worry of a new well-targeted phishing scam from hackers that is difficult to identify for everyday users.

How does the Office 365 phishing scam work?

If you are unfortunate to be a victim of this new phishing attack, you will get a targeted personalized message of a hacker pretending to be from a trusted source like Microsoft.  The messages may contain a link or a PDF file that leads to a legitimate-looking Microsoft landing page asking you to reset your password.  This will cause the hackers to launch a cyber-attack within the organization.

There is the phishing emails with PDF attachments scam hackers are using as there will be instructions to fill in username and password to view the document. There is also the fake invoice via a web portal to get users to put in their username and password.

Increase security with multi-factor authentication for Office 365

How do you protect yourself from phishing scams with Office 365?

One of the best built-in defense tacks is to use multi-factor authentication. It is free and built-in into Office 365.  You still use a password and password however you also get an SMS code to secure your account.

Here is how to setup multi-factor authentication for Office 365.

Gmail users you’re not out of luck, here is how to setup Google 2-Step Verification.

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