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More Pay Is Not What Employees Want from Their Employers

More Pay Is Not What Employees Want from Their Employers

As the work landscape changes, more pay is not what employees want from their employers.  Due to rapid economic changes these days, employees are looking for far more that just pay.

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Work from home (WFH) has changed the workforce landscape for all organizations.  Employees are interested in finding a modern solution that will give everyone a synergy as well as understanding of an organizations culture, values, and business goals.  This may include flexible employee work schedules, proactive training, modern technology, and the last one would be more pay.

When the world was hit by Coronavirus COVID-19, many organizations had to revisit many objectives.  This includes business goals, business strategy, and employee productivity.  The Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic forced organizations to make quick unexpected adjustments.  For many organizations to survive, they had to take a more qualitative and resilient relationship between organizations and their employees.

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Unfortunately, many organizations were forced to use untested technology and experiential solutions at the same time as trying to manage all their business operations.  This all took place while having to make their employees feel comfortable, safe, secure, and supported during Coronavirus COVID-19.   The pandemic has changed the business landscape and employee relationship forever.

How do you attract good employees to make your organization successful?

If you are looking to be successful in business, technology is the right choice.  The modern workforce looks to work for an organization that is not driven strictly about making money but also about building an environment for success.  Successful employees look at the long-term business goals that will allow them to invest their personal experience and personal talents in an organization that is playing a long-term success plan with happy employees.  They are looking for organizations that they can contribute and feel connected.

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Is technology and employee success linked together?

A recent comprehensive study of today’s most successful CEO’s collected information on what these leaders think of the definition of their roles, the value they bring to the table, and how their business performance is affected.  Leadership and management at many organizations were surveyed and 98 percent of CEOs stated that the new generation of employee talent have expectations including access to the latest technology.

Management at many organizations agree that new talent want simple environments s such as flexible hours, an impressive connection to an organization, and company engagement.  These employees want work experience that will challenge them, connect with them on an intelligent level as well as prioritize sustainable practices.

The great news for organizations is that experienced employee talent can accomplish more by using technology.  An organizations leadership team know they must keep technology and employee engagement engaged for the organization to succeed.  This is how successful organizations attract top talent and increase employee retention.

What does technology help employers and employees?

Since more pay is not what employees want from their employers, what will help?   Microsoft Teams is an award-winning business-class software that allows employees to meet, chat, call, and collaborate with one another all in one location.  Now your entire team can stay connected and organized while they work together anywhere in the world.

Organizations will benefit from Microsoft Teams with the following features:

  • Microsoft Teams chat feature allows users to share messages, gifs, stickers, and emojis in a chat.
  • Users can meet instantly via group chat or video conference with up to 10,000 attendees.
  • Microsoft Teams allows users to call and receive calls with internal and external people.
  • Users can collaborate with the ability to find, share, and edit files using Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.
  • Microsoft Teams Video conferencing allows users to conduct meetings and increase productivity real time.
  • Users can use screen sharing to keep everyone on the same page and share content.
  • Microsoft teams allows user to use custom backgrounds to create virtual backgrounds.
  • Users can use file sharing that allows then to co-author files in real time securely from anywhere.
  • Microsoft Teams Apps and workflows will streamline tasks and business processes.
  • Users have access to 53 languages the ability to use Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android operating systems.
  • Microsoft Teams gives organizations privacy and security that meets regulatory, legal, and organizational needs.

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