More companies looking at Hybrid cloud adoption

More companies looking at Hybrid cloud adoption

Everyone knows that cloud services is the future of IT however more companies are looking at hybrid cloud adoption than other IT infrastructure options.

Many organizations are using either on-premises environments or private cloud however recently companies have been taking a different approach and using a hybrid cloud model.

What is a Hybrid Cloud?

A hybrid cloud is simple. It is an integrated cloud service utilizing both private and public clouds to perform distinct functions for an organization. Cloud services offers efficiencies in services including a more cost efficient and scalable environment.

A recent study used information gathered from more than 900 IT decision makers from around the world.  In the study, they found that over 10 per cent are using a hybrid cloud infrastructure and an increasing 28 per cent are planning to move a hybrid cloud model over the next three years.

As a trusted IT consulting partner and managed IT services provider, we have seen a decline in companies asking for strictly on-premises infrastructure or private cloud services infrastructure.  We are finding that companies are becoming more educated on cloud services and learning how to use them to their advantage.

Many companies and IT departments including IT professionals are turning to hybrid clouds as they understand that it eliminates barriers for organizations.  There are many reasons why hybrid cloud in growing including cost savings, business agility and operational efficiencies.

When performing an assessment on companies, many name the following as top priorities when it comes to their IT infrastructure and business goals. The two most popular are reducing IT cost cutting and the second is improving processes.

Cloud services still faces challenges as companies are holding back in regards to using cloud services due to security and data protection concerns. Other challenges include budget constraints however this can be addressed with proper planning and budgeting, lack of efficiency and investment.

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