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What is Microsoft SharePoint 2013?

SharePoint 2013 represents the new way to work together with employees, clients and even suppliers as it allows you to share content, organize teams, discover answers, build websites and manage risk.

Many Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint in their business however they are all using it differently.  The confusion about SharePoint comes from the fact that it is not an off-the-shelve solution.  SharePoint 2013 has a basic goal, allow employees to work with the same level of agility and coordination no matter where they are located geographically.

What is Microsoft SharePoint 2013 used for?


An intranet may host multiple private websites and constitute an important point of internal communication and collaboration.  All employees can sign in and perform a number of tasks including read corporate news, announcements, scheduled tasks, and many other items.  Companies can create dashboards that can be customized by department and role including different levels of access can be granted to make sure everyone has access to information they need.  In addition, SharePoint includes tools for setting up employee social networking platforms and company wikis.


Finally, a shared space to store documents so they’re not locked away on any one person’s hard drive.  Many IT support services professionals are constantly facing the issue of files being stored elsewhere.  The good news is that documents stored on SharePoint 2013 can be accessed by anyone in the company with the proper security permissions.  This means that employees do not have to travel to multiple offices or wait for multiple emails to get all the files you need for a task.  SharePoint 2013 also allows employees to work simultaneously on a single document while at the same time saving previous versions and tracking updates.  This will avoid having to create several different versions of a document.


Do you want to increase productivity? Of course you do and it is easy for all employees to stay up-to-date and coordinate their efforts on projects.  SharePoint 2013 is designed to extend this ease of interaction no matter what the geographical location.  Employees can sign in to SharePoint 2013 from any desktop or smart device and get access to information.


SharePoint can be used as an intranet and extranet therefore you can set up a site that you share with outside parties such as employees working remotely, clients, suppliers and business partners.  With SharePoint 2013, you can provide employees access to all the information they may need from your company while giving them a place to upload all the information you may need.


SharePoint 2013 allows companies to build and manage public websites as well as Content Management System (CMS).  With SharePoint 2013, you are able to sign in and make changes to your web pages including information, add text or graphics and create new web pages.

Business Intelligence (BI)

In these days of competitive business, information is key to successful companies.  SharePoint 2013 provides access to your business’s data making it possible to find ways to use all that information to make better. SharePoint 2013 makes it easy to search through company’s files and discover data patterns.  SharePoint 2013 can also display trends over time or relationships between different inputs with graphs and charts.

SharePoint 2013 can be instrumental in getting employees and data organized.  What makes SharePoint 2013 a powerful tool is that it does not rely on features and functions out-of-the-box.  By implementing customized SharePoint 2013 components, you will be able to streamline and increase productivity.

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