Many people ask, what is Office 365?  Well, Office 365 is a cloud service from Microsoft designed to people access to business IT infrastructure  from anywhere there is an internet connection and IT consultants highly recommend it.

Over the years, Office 365 has grown to include several types of software including the latest Microsoft Office tools like Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher, OneNote and Excel.  Office 365 allows you to access the cloud and work on your documents, presentations, or spreadsheets even if you don’t have Office software installed on your computer.  Office 365 even allows access to them on smart phones and tablets with Office Web Apps which is another component of Office 365.

Office 365 demand stems from this businesses looking to access the cloud and increase productivity and IT infrastructure uptime.  Example. Many companies were limited to software housed on your workstations or servers housed at work however once they get home or outside the office, people were not able to open and edit the document they were working on at the office.

You can still do things the traditional way and have someone sends us a Word document as an email attachment where you can open it, edit it, and send it to someone else however it makes it hard to work on projects as a team plus not many people have Office productivity suite such as Word installed on tablets or mobile phones therefore limiting the devices available to be used.  With Office 365, you are given many tools for sharing and collaborating documents in real time.

Is Office 365 considered SaaS?

Yes, Office 365 is considered to be Software as a Service (Saas).  SaaS allows programs to be installed on your servers or workstations that you have purchased a subscription to through Microsoft.  This allows you to have access to software over the internet and from multiple devices.

What is the ROI on Office 365?

  • If you only use Word on a single desktop at home, then it would be cheaper to buy the latest version and have it installed on your hard-drive rather than to pay a monthly bill to Microsoft for a subscription.
  • If you need other Microsoft Office software tools or if you need it to be available to multiple users in multiple locations on multiple devices, then signing up for a subscription of Office 365 would be a better option.
  • Many companies use Office 365 in a hybrid model including some users using email only and other using a full suite of Office 365 including email and Office productivity suite.
  • Another big advantage of Office 365 is that you will always receive the latest Office productivity suite including software updates automatically without any additional costs. , so you’ll always be using the latest version without having to purchase any downloads.

Office 365 is not an easy decision however if your company is considering at upgrading and investing into the cloud and wondering if Office 365 is a good choice, you will have to take multiple things into consideration including what is your current management of data in your network and do your employees require access to documents outside the physical network?

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