Microsoft Bringing Back the Start Menu to Windows

Microsoft has announced to restore the classic Windows Start menu that dates back to Windows 95.  The absence of the menu Start button has been by customers and industry experts.  The change to remove the Start menu was too drastic plus it was forced upon users which then brought down productivity and required users to relearn basic Windows navigation.

So why is Microsoft bringing back the “Start Menu” to Windows?

Microsoft showed two features of upcoming updates to Windows 8.1 including a Start menu and windowed “Modern,” ne “Metro,” apps on the desktop.  Both had been rumored to be coming to a future version of Windows.  The new Start menu will be a blend of the traditional and dynamic tiles that evoke the Windows 8.1 Start screen.  Windows 8.1 included a pseudo-Start button and gave users the option of circumventing the tile-style Start screen by booting directly to the conventional desktop.

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