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Microsoft Azure vs. Amazon Web Services (AWS)


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is leading cloud services provider in the infrastructure-as-a-cloud (IaaS) industry however Microsoft Azure is gaining popularity due to existing relationship with enterprises.

Hybrid Cloud Capability

Microsoft Azure hybrid cloud leverages your onsite resources as well as the public cloud.  Microsoft has the capabilities to make the hybrid cloud system work without the need for complex workarounds and third party vendors.  Amazon Web Services (AWS) uses a cloud-only approach. As a business, do you must ask if you want a hybrid cloud infrastructure or a complete 100% cloud infrastructure solution?

Microsoft Azure is an enterprise-grade cloud solution.  Azure storage offers cloud storage which interfaces with your on premises and cloud environment all while using enhanced security to protect your information. Amazon Web Services (AWS) does not offer Microsoft Azure’s hybrid storage options which offers cloud storage solutions to companies that integrate with datacenters.  This allows companies to lower IT infrastructure costs while leveraging on-premises performance.

Security and Integration

Microsoft Azure has industry leading security policies and procedures to reduce digital crime, increase security and malware protection. Azure is designed and built using the Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle, a comprehensive approach for writing more secure code.

Microsoft Azure does not limit businesses to third-party integration.  This allows companies to take full advantage of the cloud. Microsoft has been gaining ground in the business environment with Azure by combining it with other services such as Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Lync and many other Microsoft cloud services.  By combining all these cloud services, Azure gives companies the ability to extend their on-premises infrastructure into the cloud. This gives companies the flexibility to choose the best cloud solution according to their budget and objectives.

Azure Pricing

Microsoft Azure is simple. There are no upfront costs, you pay for only what you use and no termination fees. Our managed IT services can quickly deploy Microsoft Azure according to your company budget and goals. Microsoft Azure also offers a free trial so you can see how it can help you business.


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