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Many companies still don’t know how ransomware works


Many companies still don’t know how ransomware works and how it will affect their organization.

According to a global leader in internet content security software and cloud computing security, Trend Micro has released some alarming numbers at how many companies still don’t know how ransomware works.

  • 11 percent have never even heard of ransomware malware.
  • 20 percent do not know how ransomware malware works.
  • 82 percent consider ransomware malware a threat.
  • 33 percent think it comes from malicious email attachments.
  • 24 percent believe ransomware malware infections come from clicking a link in an email.
  • 14 percent believe it happens if you simply browse the web.
  • 69 percent believe they will be victims of a ransomware malware attack in the next 12 months.
  • 75 percent have already suffered a ransomware malware attack.

How are these companies protecting themselves? Here are the statistics.

  • 97 percent use automated data back-up and recovery services.
  • 86 percent keep an offline data copy of their back-up plan.
  • 77 percent have a disaster recovery (DR) plan.
  • 33 percent have tested their disaster recovery (DR) plan.

While many companies still don’t know how ransomware works, it continues to dominate the threat landscape as organizations are fueling the cyber-criminal hacker economy.  Companies are preparing disaster recovery plans and deploying preventative IT security methods to protect them from ransomware however without a lack of understanding of how ransomware malware actually works could make these actions redundant and leave your organization vulnerable to repeat attacks by cyber criminals.

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