How does Managed IT Services help businesses?


Managed IT Services help businesses with the use of advanced tools, managed service providers (MSP) use PSA (professional services automation) and RMM (remote monitoring and management) software to help companies increase productivity and profitability.

In today’s competitive business environment, technology has changed and the rise of technologies such as mobile and cloud has meant that proactive IT support services are accessible and affordable.

Why is the break-fix model broken?

IT support services used to be handled in a break-fix model.  Companies would sign up for a IT support contract however all work would be done at a predetermined hourly rate or reduced hourly rate based on purchase hours, better known as block time.

The break-fix model is simple, when something goes wrong, the IT support services company is called and they fix the issue.  There are two issues with this model, (i) they charge per hour so it can get expensive quickly and (ii) your business goals and that of the IT support services company are never aligned.

Another issue is that if the business suffers an issue, it almost guarantees down time resulting in employee and company loss of productivity.

What does managed IT services work?

Managed services are a proactive approach to IT support, whilst the break-fix model is a reactive one.

Managed IT Services is simple, it is a proactive approach to managing your IT infrastructure therefore it aligns your business goals and the managed services providers (MSP) goals. Both organizations are profitable on network uptime, not downtime.

Since managed IT services provides an unlimited tech support model, their goal is to proactively manage the network and eliminate tech support issues there resulting in a profitable relationship.  IT support services from managed IT services providers (MSP) cover a wide range of IT services including remote monitoring and software updates, remote support, backup, managed email and security and much more.

IT consultants have found that many organizations do not apply software updates when they become available.  In some network assessments, there have been cases of updates as old as two years out. Software patches are a vital part of any organization’s security.

How does managed services providers address security and compliance?

Security and compliance are major issues to businesses and compliance requirements are changing daily.   Disaster planning and backup must be addressed but unfortunately many companies do not verify backups and have no secondary backup procedures in place. The cost of lost data to an organization is huge but there seems to be a disconnect between IT support services and business management when it comes to budget allocation.  Security threats are always there and are becoming increasingly sophisticated, so it pays to be able to take out end user threats before they occur.

In conclusion, break-fix is dead and managed IT services is the future that provides you proactive IT management and aligns your business goals with your IT support services partner.

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