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Looking for Managed IT Services? Here is a Check List of Important Questions

Looking for Managed IT Services Here is a Check List of Important Questions

As technology grows and expands, your current IT support services company may not be delivering the service you need.  Now you are in the market and looking to choose a new managed IT services provider. Here we will address important questions to ask.

We have put together some questions to ask to ensure you are getting the best IT support services and IT management services possible. This will save you money, increase the security of your data and protect your business from disaster.

  1. Who will have access to my company data?
  2. How will my data be handled and stored?
  3. Where is your company office(s) located?
  4. Do you outsource or offshore your IT support services?
  5. Where do you host your infrastructure including servers and backup systems?
  6. What services am I paying for and what is included in my monthly support fee?
  7. Can you access our IT infrastructure remotely?
  8. Do you have a central ticketing system?
  9. Do you proactively manage the network and prevent tech support issues from occurring? How?
  10. How often are the security systems updated?
  11. How is my data separated from the information of your other clients?
  12. Is your storage space a private or shared cloud storage?
  13. What security measures are in place, such as firewalls and encryption, to avoid data leaks?
  14. Can my employees be trained to use the system in order to further manage security and prevent inadvertent threats?
  15. Do you have a Disaster Recovery procedure?
  16. Do you test data backups to ensure your procedures are flawless?
  17. Can you accommodate a growing business and what is your capacity?

These are some simple question but it will really give you a clear understanding of what level of managed IT services provider you are working. A simple “yes” response is not good enough, you need real world examples and even client references to ensure you are getting the best long-term IT consulting business partner possible.

Take your time as everyone has worked with companies that promise the world and never deliver. Ask important questions and evaluate.

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