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Managed IT Services Can Cover Your Business


When information technology infrastructure fails, it can fail with incredible results. Managed IT services can cover your business and help you avoid downtime.

Information technology infrastructure fails are can be extremely harmful and they will cost your organizations money, erode confidence, and lower your organization’s productivity.

Technology is everywhere including CRM systems, ERP systems, data storage, and security systems to mention a few. Technology is the engine of your business and it must work smoothly and efficiently including having the right people in place to proactively manage and monitor it.

Managed IT services can cover your business since you bring in the right technology experience to managing your IT infrastructure.  By bringing in a trusted managed IT services provider, you will have access to all the expertise you need for the fraction of the cost of managing an internal in-house IT department.

Recently, CompTIA which is the voice of the world’s (IT) Information Technology industry showed that IT managed services will reduce risk, and increase productivity and security on an average savings of 25%. By partnering with a Toronto-based managed services provider, it will allow you to focus on your business while leaving your IT infrastructure to highly skilled and highly-trained IT professionals based from Toronto.

Many organizations think that their IT infrastructure is running at optimum performance however as time passes, this IT infrastructure needs proactive IT management and IT maintenance.  You need to stay ahead of the curve to ensure you are monitoring the level of usage, data consumption, storage needs as well as aligning your IT infrastructure with your business goals.

Managed IT services can cover your business as they can help your organization achieve the ROI on the IT investment through regular proactive management and maintenance which means your employees are more knowledgeable, your systems are more stable and your organizations gets more efficiencies out of the IT investment.

When you partner with a managed services provider in Toronto, you need to address that they will assist with regular and necessary IT management and IT maintenance including items such as licensing, hardware, software, applications, training, cloud services and any other area related to IT management.

IDC Canada recently reported some interesting stats on why managed IT services should be part of your business operations including costs, security, and productivity.  The recent study revealed:

  • Managed IT services reduced IT infrastructure costs by 24 percent.
  • Managed IT services optimized IT staff productivity by 42 percent.
  • Managed IT services reduced application downtime by 88% with improvements for end users
  • Managed IT services resulted in a payback period of 5.5 months and a three-year ROI of 224%

365 iT SOLUTIONS ensures that your company remains technologically current and secure with our Toronto’s leading Managed IT Services. Our Canadian IT team will take care of your needs including infrastructure tech support, application tech support, and IT staff augmentation.

We give our clients the ability to choose what works for your organization including a hybrid model where some of your IT department and resources requirements remain in-house. Currently, many mid-sized companies today can spend as much as $400,000 a year on their in-house IT department plus they are paying extra hours in labour to cover the gaps in skills as well as paying for ongoing IT training.

365 iT SOLUTIONS will take the worry out of IT since our managed IT services can cover your business. We are one of Toronto’s premier IT professional business support providers. We work with organizations such as Microsoft, Datto, and many other IT leaders at delivering cutting-edge services and technology solutions.

365 iT SOLUTIONS delivers industry Toronto’s best IT consulting services including leading Managed IT ServicesIT Support ServicesIT Outsourcing ServicesTech Support Services and Cloud Services.

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