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How Does Managed IT Services Benefit Small Businesses?

How Does Managed IT Services Benefit Small Businesses

Many business leaders ask how does managed IT services benefit small businesses, however they do not know the complete answer.

Small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) are one of the most critical sectors in the Canadian economy. Here are some interesting numbers from the BDC article “10 things you (probably) didn’t know about Canadian SMEs”.

In summary, there are over 1.1 million SMBs in Canada with 55% having fewer than 4 employees.  Small businesses are responsible for 77.7% of all jobs in the private.

How does managed IT services benefit small businesses? Simple.

Managed IT services comes down to defined outsourced IT services at fix or predictable monthly cost.  With it, your organization will know the exact IT services your organization will get and what your monthly cost will be from them.  There will be no surprises and no sky-high bills.

How managed IT services providers work?

A true managed IT services provider (MSP) in the SMB space is looking to deliver small business technical support using enterprise tools.  They use class leading (not free) remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools to keep an eye on your network 24/7 including performance, health, and security.

They can bring many other services to the table including 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC) and helpdesk support services if required with active monitoring of any issue to IT infrastructure including servers, smart devices, hardware, and software.

You should ensure that they bring regular systems maintenance such as automated tasks such as cleaning temporary files, applying security patches, installation of antivirus and malware protection.  They will also provide you with system backup including disaster recovery and business continuity processes

This proactive maintenance and management offer stabilization of your IT infrastructure to better server your organization that relies on the technology.

Option 1 – Managed IT Services vs. Hiring In-House IT Support

Unfortunately, many organizations do not have a real perspective about how much IT infrastructure and IT management costs them per year as there are many factors.

As an example, typically a firm with anywhere from 20-60 employees may feel that one person can manage their IT infrastructure. This will be a full-time employee and it will demand a significant salary since they must be proficient with desktop support, server support, and network support.  They will be overworked and vulnerable to error or oversights that may prove to be costly for your organization.

You also must account for sick days, vacation days, salary increases, training, certifications, and many other possibilities.

Option 2 – Managed IT Services vs. Break/ Fix

SMBs usually take this route because they feel they are too small.  They use on-call IT support services when things are down or broken.  The client is not at the mercy of the on-call IT support team’s response time and overall lack of familiarity with your IT infrastructure which results in downtime being more expensive.

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