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365 iT SOLUTIONS offers managed IT services and IT support that benefit organizations as we have a diverse pool of technically trained staff supporting various industries using cutting-edge industry best practices. Our Toronto-based IT support and IT project management team can proactively help resolve IT issues that can result in unexpected costs, unplanned downtime, loss in revenue, and client confidence. With our team, your organization will have the support of a diverse pool of technical staff that will understand your business, uptime, reliability, productivity, and cyber security. Our Toronto-based IT support and IT project management team can proactively help resolve IT issues that can result in unexpected costs, unplanned downtime, loss in revenue, and client confidence. With our team, your organization will have the support of a diverse pool of technical staff that will understand your business, uptime, reliability, productivity, and cyber security. "


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Managed IT Services for
Financial Services

365 iT SOLUTIONS is a leader in managed IT services for financial services as it is a fast-paced environment and requires fast-paced IT solutions to keep up with the ever-changing industry cyber security regulations and cyber security threats that threaten the financial services industry.

As all industries are undergoing a digital transformation and becoming more digital, everyone expects faster transactions, better access to their finances, and better cyber security to protect their information. This not only means that your IT infrastructure has to be proactively managed, it also must be secure, responsive, and stable.

365 iT SOLUTIONS has years of proven experience in assisting financial services clients at protecting the IT infrastructure, IT security, compliance, and regulatory standards. This includes fintech, bank, wealth management, brokerage firm, insurance company, and asset management.

Managed IT services financial services was created to operate in an industry that relies heavily on technology to support daily financial operations and functions. Financial services organizations are under constant customer demands and industry regulations. Cyber security is the forefront of every financial institution’s objective. Clients trust these organizations to manage their finances and money with no room for error or technical service issues.

Financial services organizations rely on proactive IT services that are dependable, flexible, and secure by taking a proactive approach to managing their IT infrastructure and cyber security to keep hackers and cyber criminals out.

365 iT SOLUTIONS’ managed IT services financial services program offers professional cyber security services that covers a wide variety of technical areas including proactive data backup, next-generation antivirus with artificial intelligence, intrusion detection and protection, disaster recovery planning, and mobile device management (MDM) as part of our managed IT services. These proactive IT services will protect your organization from data loss, downtime, and outages.

Managed IT services financial services is very robust and can be tailored to add more levels of cyber security precautions including penetration testing and vulnerability scanning. We then build a custom cyber security threat remediation plan with our managed IT services and closes any sensitive cyber security gaps.

If your organization is dealing with large money transactions, mutual funds, mergers, acquisitions, and fintech, you need cutting edge managed IT services as well as the latest cyber security technology to ensure security and uptime. The main priority is to keep your organization’s systems running and secure.

Managed IT Services for
Transportation Services

365 iT SOLUTIONS offers leading managed IT services for transportation services to ensure organizations are using technology solutions that are optimized for transportation and freight industries by ensuring proactive managed IT services and the ever-changing cyber security practices to protect transportation services.

Managed IT services transportation services ensure that outdated technology is not slowing down your organization. Our technical team has real-world hands-on experience helping transportation and freight companies turn IT infrastructure into their most valuable asset and streamline their supply chain.

When you partner with 365 iT SOLUTIONS for your technology needs, our goal with our clients is to drive efficiency and cyber security at all levels. No matter whether you are shipping small packages, truckloads, LTL (Less-than Truck Load), or FTL (Full Truck Load), our Canadian-managed IT services team will ensure your organization has the technical tools to succeed. We proactively work with our clients on everything from finding the right logistics software solution for

daily operations to building a robust IT infrastructure network from the ground up. We give our clients the peace of mind knowing that technology will never slow their organization down or experience a cyber security breach.

In the age of real-time tracking for transportation services and freight services, clients expect immediate results from their transportation partners. With the right managed technology solution, you will be able to give them real-time feedback with real-time tracking capabilities on all shipments or the fleet. Our technical services team experience in transportation services will give your team access to a comprehensive secure shipment-tracking platform that keeps all stakeholders on the same page.

Managed IT Services transportation services is designed with real world hands-on experience for transportation services and freight services that will allow your organization to securely track your most valuable assets, shipping containers, trailers, and trucks, from anywhere in the world.

Managed IT Services For
Nonprofits and Charities

365 iT SOLUTIONS offers leading managed IT services for nonprofits and charities to ensure IT solutions that meet their challenges. We enjoy working with the community of nonprofits and charities due to the positive experience they bring to our community.

Technology is a very powerful tool and we work with industry leaders such as Tech Soup Canada to deliver the best technology experience while accessing all manufacturer programs dedicated to nonprofits and charities. Nonprofits and charities have been changing over the past few years and the most successful organizations have learned to leverage technology to allow them to take advantage of stronger technology tools such as fundraising tools to help them achieve their organization objectives.

365 iT SOLUTIONS delivers industry-leading managed IT services as our technical support services team understands the needs and goals of nonprofits and charities that are different than that of the private sector.

Our managed IT services for nonprofits and charities is developed to fit the requirements of your organization. Our tech support services team is trained and equipped to help your employees assist with donor management systems, marketing automation systems, and management software for your specific needs. Based on our proven experience in the nonprofit and charities, we understand the unique challenges that nonprofits and charities must overcome. Our managed IT services are custom built to help your organization.

365 iT SOLUTIONS understands your unique challenges as a nonprofit and charity. Our technical support team will proactively address your information technology needs with our diverse pool of technical talents. Nonprofit and charity organizations have a different definition of success when it comes to their operations as they have fewer resources than private sector.

Our proactive managed IT services are designed to save your organization money and maximize resources.

Managed IT Services For

365 iT SOLUTIONS offers industry-leading managed IT services for manufacturing, an industry that faces unique business challenges and requires a technical support services team with diverse education and real-world experience for manufacturers. With years of experience in manufacturing and the ability to be flexible, our managed IT services can quickly adapt our technical services to the unique manufacturing requirements that are faced with challenges that other industries do not have to worry about.

Ontario manufacturers must deal with constant hurdles such as 24/7 operations, regulations, ERP systems, and support devices. All these technical systems can become obstacles that hinder your productivity unless you have a managed IT service provider in place to make sure everything runs smoothly and securely. Our proactive and advanced managed IT services are developed for manufacturers to better support your organization, performance, and security.

Manufacturers, which are essential services, face tight deadlines. Meeting those deadlines are a vital part of maintaining your manufacturing productivity. Proactive managed IT services will

maintain your information technology infrastructure including ERP systems, warehousing, and other Internet of things (IoT) are on your network where downtime will result in a drop in efficiency and profit.

365 iT SOLUTIONS has proven experience in maintaining all these systems and will eliminate downtime or outages for any manufacturers. Our proactive managed IT services are the insurance of protecting your systems and daily operations of your business. Our managed IT services work together with cloud services and other third-party business services to make your manufacturing operations more productive and secure by increasing your mobility and enhancing the communication among your employees and customers.

We offer award-winning IT consulting in Toronto including project implementation for manufacturers. Our technology project management team offers IT consulting that will allow your manufacturing organization to create more powerful plans that are future proof and on budget. Our goal is to keep our clients ahead of the curve and on the path to exceed business goals.

Managed IT Services For
Law Firms

365 iT SOLUTIONS offers industry-leading managed IT services for law firms by offering premier IT solutions for Toronto law firms.

Law firms need IT systems designed to streamline data and manage documents by simplifying document management. Many law firms look for managed IT services for law firms as a long-term partner. Our technical support services team understand the importance of always having secure access to case files. The law firm needs to ensure they have the right document management solution that is designed to accomplish their business goals.

By leveraging the latest cloud services as a law firm, 365 iT SOLUTIONS can help streamline your archiving process so critical files are always a click away and do not take up physical space. We also help find a cloud-based document management solution that will solidify your law firm’s operations with business continuity measures to get you back up and running as quickly as possible following a network outage or natural disaster.

365 iT SOLUTIONS has success turning technology not only into a law firm’s most powerful tool but also an asset. Law firms need to make data security and industry compliance a priority and we can help. Our managed IT services team has extensive proven experience working

with firms in the legal industry and can help your law firm stay ahead of the latest network compliance requirements and cyber security threats.

Our comprehensive managed IT services work in tandem with document management solutions. We always prioritize data security and ensure data is not only accessible to your law firm but protected against unauthorized access. We ensure your network remains compliant with ever-changing industry requirements and regulations by providing continuous management and monitoring your IT infrastructure technology for compliance.

Case management software and IT support for attorneys go hand in hand. Law firms have many options when it comes to legal case management solutions and we can help you choose the right platform for your needs.

365 iT SOLUTIONS is committed to providing the best managed IT services for all of your law firm’s IT needs. We help your law firm to find the ideal law firm software solution and legal case management platform. No matter what you need, our managed IT services experts have in-depth experience for law firms to oversee your next IT project and ongoing technical support services.

Managed IT Services For
Engineering and Architecture Firms

365 iT SOLUTIONS offers a comprehensive IT solution as part of our Managed IT Services for engineering and architecture firms in order to optimize daily business operations and cybersecurity.

We specialize in IT outsourcing for engineering and architecture firms as we understand how critical IT infrastructure networks are to a firm’s daily operations. Most engineering and architecture firms do not have the resources internally to prioritize and handle technical support issues daily. Our managed IT services team will allow your team to stay focused as we handle daily operations and give you the peace of mind that your technology will continue working for you securely.

365 iT SOLUTIONS offers managed IT services, cloud services, cyber security, and disaster recovery with our award-winning technical support team with real world hands-on experience built to deliver a customized IT solution built around your unique business goals. From our complimentary network assessment, we design and install custom IT solutions as well as deliver around-the-clock proactive technical support management to ensure your systems continue working securely.

365 iT SOLUTIONS managed IT services for engineering and architecture firms helps firms use all industry technology including

AutoCAD, Revit, Solidworks, and BlueBeam so we can eliminate technical issues with these systems that have the potential to bring any engineering or architecture firm to a halt. optimized for your network.

Our managed IT services team has extensive and proven real-life experience working with popular engineering and architecture firm software platforms to ensure the work is performed in optimal conditions. optimized for your network.

In the event of a disruption in your IT network or AutoCAD, Revit, Solidworks, or BlueBeam, our team of managed IT services team troubleshoots the problem to reduce downtime and loss productivity. As your strategic long term IT partner, we specialize in streamlining your IT footprint, policies, and procedures. Even if you work-from-home (WFH) or access the network remotely for the CAD system, we will develop and deploy a resolution as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. Our technical team members take the time to understand engineering or architecture firms so we can deliver a unique network operations and workflows from the inside out. This custom approach delivers industry-leading IT solutions and IT technical support optimized for your network.

Managed IT Services For

365 iT SOLUTIONS delivers an industry-leading comprehensive IT solution as part of our Managed IT Services for healthcare to ensure the maximum uptime and best cyber security in the industry.

Proactive managed services make a large difference in healthcare as a strategic trusted long-term partner can oversee daily management, proactive maintenance, and critical IT functions that support client care delivery while saving your organization money.

Healthcare has always been faced with strict regulations and compliance and now they must continually pivot during the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure uptime, security, and delivering services to patients. Managed IT Services for healthcare allows organizations to face the challenge of proactively managing their IT systems and IT infrastructure so there is no interruption to client care. They must also deal with reduced IT budgets, deployment of new technology and maintain greater social distancing with constant sanitation of their physical spaces.

Healthcare organizations in Ontario need to ensure they comply with rules under the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario and The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) under The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC). These challenges are much larger with major staff reductions and reduced budgets.

365 iT SOLUTIONS Managed IT Services for healthcare allows healthcare leaders to bring heavy lifting strategic IT partners to handle their IT healthcare systems. We bring trusted solutions to the table such as Managed IT Services, cloud services, mobile device management, collaboration tools, PS Suite, and cyber security so their organization can focus on core business objectives.

Managed IT services for healthcare allows organizations to bridge the gap by scaling up or down based on demand. This gives healthcare organizations the ability to cut IT costs by as much as 40 percent. Over the past several years, healthcare providers have reported that 59 percent are facing operating cost pressures and 41 percent reported shortfalls in funding therefore impacting IT management and IT budgets.

We make iT make sense in simple English. No tech talk.

365 iT SOLUTIONS Managed IT Services for healthcare allow organizations to rely on specialized industry tailored Managed IT Services for healthcare by monitoring their IT infrastructure 24/7 with technical support and proven industry-specific expertise.

365 iT SOLUTIONS is committed to making it simple and easy. We offer hassle free and worry-free IT that ensures our clients are getting the best technology in the industry.

365 iT SOLUTIONS is Toronto’s leading iT consulting firm offering industry-leading Managed IT Services, Managed Security Services, IT Support Services, IT Outsourcing, Remote IT Support, Cloud Services, Disaster Recovery, and VoIP services.

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