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Malware Targets Mac and Windows Users

Recently there is a new malicious advertising network and it is affecting many sites including Amazon, Yahoo and YouTube to mention a few. Users beware as this malware is able to attack Windows and Mac systems.

Malware Targets Mac and Windows Users as a result of…

The malware relies on social networks to get the users to click on the malware ad.  Once they click, they are directed according to the operating system they are using therefore allowing it to infect Windows and Mac systems.

The malware targets Mac and Windows using more than 700 domains and it is allowing the attackers to use a domain for a very short time and move on to use another one for future attacks.  This helps avoid reputation based blacklists.

The malware uses unique checksums and encryption to avoid detection therefore all companies should ensure that their network is up-to-date and fully protected.


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