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Majority of cloud cyber security risks come from employees

Majority of cloud cyber security risks come from employees

Companies are getting smarter and investing in IT to increase their bottom line but the majority of cloud cyber security risks come from employees. How will your business hold up?

A recent research study conducted by a Cybersecurity-as-a-Service provider that specializes in protecting enterprises from cyber security compromised accounts, malware, and data breaches released some interesting numbers regarding cloud cybersecurity and the threats out there:

  • 75% of all cyber security issues are caused by a limited number of employees.
  • 1% of users are causing these cyber security issues for organizations.
  • 70% of cloud sharing occur with personal, non-corporate domains such as or
  • 1% of users represent 62% of total app installs.

 So how do you address that majority of cloud cyber security risks come from employees?

Here are some useful tips to reduce your risk and bring your employees up to speed.

  • Organizations need to limit by using better security policies on the network for file sharing.
  • Stop users from accidentally downloading malware within the network by training them.
  • Reduce the risk by educating users no to click on phishing links or using unauthorized applications.
  • Deploy a proper password policy to stop dangerous security behaviors such as reuse of old password.
  • Enforce company security through company policies and best practices.

All companies and organizations need to remember that there is no industry out of danger. Technology is needed to run your organization and data is the product. Data is worth money on the black market and cyber criminals are becoming more creative on how to get it. Cyber security of cloud services can interrupt your business, network and data security by simply targeting 1% of your users are responsible for 75% of your risk.

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