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Major USB Security Risk


Security experts have issued a warning regarding this USB Security Risk threat of a vast number of devices including sticks, keyboards and many other objects.

This USB Security Risk vulnerability is called “BadUSB” and means that hackers can now start using it to infect computers.

The upside is that vulnerability only affects one manufacturer, Phison.  The downside is that Phison USB sticks can infect any device.   The vulnerability works by modifying the firmware of USB devices, hiding malicious code in USB sticks and other devices in a way that’s impossible to detect.  Even completely deleting the contents of a USB stick wouldn’t get rid of the dangerous code.

“BadUSB” can be used to force computers into thinking that a USB device is a keyboard, allowing hackers to type whatever they like on your computer. Alternatively, it can replace legitimate software installed on a computer with a corrupted version that hackers can use to control a computer. Another use for the exploit is monitoring all internet traffic through a computer, allowing a hacker to spy on what you’re doing.

How it does spread?

The BadUSB malware spreads from an infected USB device to a computer, and from an infected computer to a USB device.  Now it is possible for hackers to start infecting people using the malware.



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