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Looking to change your IT Provider?

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Bye bye IT provider! Not every business is the same and with time and growth, sometimes your current trusted IT consulting partner cannot deliver what your company needs to succeed.

Over the years there have been many advancements in technology such as cloud services, remote monitoring management (RMM) and professional services automation (PSA) tools. Is your current IT provider using these tools to manage and protect your business?

Gone are the days where IT service providers use technical jargon to explain their proposals, technology and tech support issues.  Unfortunately there are some IT providers in the marketplace that will charge you for services that do not meet your business needs and goals.

When evaluating your current relationship with your IT service provider, you should ask yourself these key questions to see how your IT consultant stacks up against your business needs.

Does your IT provider respond in a timely manner when your business is in a crisis?

Your IT consultant should have a service-level agreement (SLA) in place with your company. This sets a realistic expectation of what will happen when tech support help is required.

Do you have surprise costs or find unexplained charges on your monthly invoice?

Your monthly invoice should be simple with no surprises. Managed IT services offers a monthly predictable charge based on your agreement. There never should be surprise charges on your invoice as your network plans should be properly budgeted and planned.

Are you getting a simple explanation when technical issues hit your network?

As many do not believe this but IT is not rocket science. You should always be given a simple explanation in English as to what has happen and how it will be avoided in the future.

Is your network being managed in a reactive or proactive method in regards to network support and monitoring?

Remember, in this day and age, there are tools to proactively manage your network. Proactive management is the same as maintaining your car. The more you maintain it, the better the ROI and longevity.

Did any of these questions hit close to home or raise more questions?

These are common issues and unfortunately slow down companies from succeeding or costing organizations money.

If any of the above scenarios sound familiar, there’s a good chance your IT service provider is not the right match for your company.

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