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Legacy Technology Killing Your Organization?

It is common knowledge that technology is an integral part of businesses in today and many have invested into technologies to increase productivity and competitiveness however now IT professionals and IT departments have a serious new issue to deal with, innovation blocked by legacy IT systems.

Companies have been facing an increase in consumer and market demand while IT departments and IT budgets have been facing budgetary limitations.  Legacy IT systems are limiting many organizations ability to be competitive in today’s marketplace.

If properly planned and approached, Managed IT Services Providers (MSPs) can reduce risk, reduce downtime and implement the latest technology to make your company competitive again.


How is legacy IT technology a problem? Simple.

Technology is constantly evolving.  Legacy systems cannot keep up with today’s demands and it is becoming a major challenge for many organizations.  The unfortunate part is that many business owners and senior executives believe that their legacy systems are up to the demands of today.

Many legacy systems are complex, slow and full of complicated processes.  Also, many legacy systems are poorly documented causing more issues when trying to maintain or manage.  This is a major issue for businesses, IT budgets and to stay competitive.

New companies have the luxury to start with the latest technology therefore making them competitive, established businesses are using older technology tied to legacy technology.

How to manage legacy IT technology? Simple.

No matter what fears or restrains a business may face, legacy IT systems must updated or face extinction as demand on your legacy IT system fails.  Here are some steps to updating corporate legacy IT infrastructure.

  1. Project Team – Organizations must identify who needs to be involved in the upgrade planning process.  Times have changed, processes have increased and the demands are different.  Survey your staff in what they think is beneficial and what are your corporate goals.
  2. Corporate Goals – Employees need to understand what is happening and why it is important.  A guideline of the upgrade process and management process to the entire company.  You may also need to educate employees on the new systems and processes however outsourced IT providers or Managed IT Services providers (MSP) will usually handle this for you.
  3. Research – Invest in the best products for your business. There are many industry specific software and hardware in the market place.  Contracts with third party suppliers should be clear regarding services to be delivered, timeline, level of application quality and identified risks.
  4. Consultants – You still have a business to run so you may look at third party IT consultants to help your company.  There are many different IT consultants in the Toronto area and many of them offer several other services such as Managed IT Services, IT Outsourcing, IT Support Services and Cloud Services.  Interview many IT consulting companies, check client and project references.  This is a big decision so you might as well get off on the right foot.

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