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LastPass Hacked, how do you protect yourself?

LastPass Hacked

Do you use LastPass to manage your passwords? Well there is some bad news as LastPass has been hacked and now your passwords may have been exposed.

LastPass immediately announced on their blog that they detected an intrusion to their servers and encrypted user data (a.k.a: stored passwords for other sites) was not stolen however the intruders did take LastPass account email addresses, password reminders, server per user salts, and authentication hashes.

LastPass has stated that the authentication hashes are encrypted and should prevent anyone from using them to access your account.

How do I fix the LastPass hacked issue?

LastPass is a very popular password manager but it has been hit with a major security breach, LastPass has been hacked. You must change your master password immediately. LastPass has stated that passwords for other websites should be safe however we would recommend you start changing all of them.

LastPass is prompting all users to update their master password for their LastPass account. If you share your master password with any other services, you should change it there also immediately. Final note is if you have not enabled two-factor authentication, you should do that immediately to add another level of protection.

Currently LastPass servers are running overtime so you can expect to have issues when trying to change your password.

To view the entire security alert from LastPass, you can click here to read the LastPass Security Notice.

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