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Large Amounts of Corporate Data Are Stored on Employees USB Devices

Large Amounts of Corporate Data Are Stored on Employees USB Devices

As organizations try to keep their data safe from cyber criminals, there large amounts of corporate data stored on employees USB devices making security a large risk.

According to a report from an industry leading SaaS data protection company, there has been a 123 percent increase in the volume of data downloaded to USB devices by employees since the start of COVID-19.

Remote working and working from home (WFH) have become widespread due to coronavirus and many employees have been left to figure out how they have to deal with working remotely and remote file access.

According to the cyber security report, here are some interesting statistics:

  • 74 percent of that data is subject to data governance policies based on regulated industries.
  • 84 percent of cloud storage and USB devices have become the most preferred data storage after COVID-19.
  • 89 percent of data has moved outside an organization since the COVID-19
  • 80 percent of data hit the cloud or USB devices the first month following WHO‘s COVID-19 pandemic.
  • 72 percent increase of employees uploading a huge amount of data to the cloud,
  • 62 percent increase in malicious cyber security activity from external hackers.
  • 54 percent increase in incident response investigations required due to cyber security concerns.
  • 25 percent of small- to midsized-sized businesses (SMBs) use free cloud storage services.
  • 51 percent of companies use at least one cloud services storage platform.
  • 11 percent small- to midsized-sized businesses (SMBs) store banking data in cloud services.
  • 14 percent of organizations store medical records in free cloud storage services.
  • 87 percent believe the cloud is very secure when using use a free version of cloud storage services.

The good news is that organizations have accepted that the economic and health effects of COVID-19 however it now has them thinking outside the box when it comes to remote workers.  We may not know when something or this nature will ever happen again however remote employees trying to store classified data at across uncontrolled devices will always be an issue unless measures are taken.

Organizations management, IT departments, and managed IT services providers need to consider implementing data storage and security solutions that provide visibility into this behaviour.  This will ultimately give them full control and the potential to avoid a costly potential data breach.

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