What is KRACK WiFi Security Attacks and What to Do

What is KRACK WiFi Security Attacks and What to Do

There have been several key vulnerabilities found in WiFi and it left organizations thinking what is KRACK WiFi security attacks and what to do about it.

The KRACK WiFi attack may allow cybercriminals to eavesdrop on Wi-Fi traffic between computers and wireless access points. If this vulnerability is exploited, hackers may take control of affected systems to conduct attacks such as packet replay, HTTP content injection, TCP connection hijacking, arbitrary packet decryption, and much more.

Microsoft already published a KRACK fix, however, Apple and Google are still working on it.

How do you protect yourself from KRACK WiFi security attacks?

Unfortunately changing your WiFi password will not help on this issue as the hacker is decrypting content over the WiFi.  Changing your router or wireless access points will not help either since the KRACK WiFi Security attacks affect most Wi-Fi software implementations in most operating systems including Windows, iOS, Android, and much more.

Here is what you can do to protect yourself from KRACK WiFi Security attacks:

  • Be careful using wireless and you treat it no different than open WiFi networks such as coffee shops.
  • Always use HTTPS websites so your web browsing is encrypted even if it travels over an unencrypted connection.
  • If possible, use VPN to encrypt your data even if it travels over an unencrypted connection.
  • Update all software, drivers, firmware on firewalls, wireless access points as soon as they are available.

At this time most IT security experts do not believe that these KRACK WiFi security attacks may result in a widespread attack.  They do however recommend that you install updates and follow the steps above.

There are KRACK WiFi security attacks as well as many other possible cyberattacks however our complimentary network and security assessment can help protect your organization from threats.

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