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Key to Cloud Migrations for Businesses

Many companies want to take advantage of the cloud however a key to cloud migrations for businesses lies in Microsoft Active Directory (AD).

One major challenge organizations face is their dependency on Microsoft Active Directory (AD) as part of their IT infrastructure and security.  Microsoft Active Directory (AD) has been very important for IT professionals such as managed IT services providers to their entire infrastructure including access to applications.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently announced that it is compatible with Microsoft Active Directory (AD) by using an AD Connector gateway that enables IT organization to synchronize their Microsoft Active Directory (AD) instance on premise with the AWS instance.  Microsoft Azure also provides seamless access to Microsoft Active Directory (AD) functionality including a true hybrid cloud computing environment.

As companies look to access cloud services, one of the biggest struggles is the management of Microsoft Active Directory (AD).  The dependency of Microsoft Active Directory (AD) is one of the reasons IT professionals are hesitant to move existing applications into the cloud.

Going to the cloud is a great move for businesses however it takes careful planning and implementation. Businesses need to choose a business partner that understands their industry and can offer multiple different service options such as Managed IT ServicesIT Support Services and IT Outsourcing Services to help manage the cloud services.

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