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Is Your Workstation Slow? AdBlock Plus + Firefox be sucking up resources.

Do you use Firefox and AdBlock Plus?  Have you noticed that your system is slow?  Well, they are a bad mix.

AsBlock Plus has attracted a large following.  Users find that it does what it claims by making web browsing more enjoyable and faster, while reducing the amount of data used by hiding and disabling adverts on webpages.

Mozilla suggests that enabling the plugin could result in exceptionally large amounts of RAM being consumed by the program. They found that just enabling the plugin on a 64-bit system could result in a constant additional RAM usage of 60-70 MB.  Browsing a website with a relatively generous helping of ads found that RAM usage by Firefox increased by over 200 MB with AdBlock Plus enabled (417 MB of RAM usage with the plugin, versus 194 MB without).

With some more intensive websites such as the VIM Color Scheme Test, the plugin ended up consuming nearly 2 GB of RAM at 1960 MB; without it, just 370 MB was used.

There will be a major update to AdBlock Plus.  For users who have large amounts of RAM installed on their machines, such as 8GB or more, this memory consumption may not be an issue.  But those with devices that have far less RAM installed may see more significant slow-downs.

The issue has not been noted in the Internet Explorer or Google Chrome versions of AdBlock Plus.


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