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Is your managed IT services provider giving you what you are paying for?

Is your managed IT services provider giving you what you are paying for?

There are many MSPs out there but is your managed IT services provider giving you what you are paying for?  We get many calls asking for a second opinion on their IT infrastructure and security.

Is your managed IT services provider giving you what you are paying for?

Here are the top 5 issues we hear about when it comes to other managed IT services providers in Toronto:

  1. Slow Technical Support Response

Many managed IT services providers have a number for your team to call for technical support, but you cannot always get in touch with your IT provider.  You call and leave a message but do not hear back in a timely manner.  This will affect productivity and profitability.  This is common with independent IT consultants or companies lacking the proper tools such as central ticketing with built-in service-level agreement (SLA).  Your organization needs help when it is required and not days later. A proper managed IT services provider will have a team of technical support team engineers on standby including a dedicated Support Service Manager to ensure that your technical support issue is dealt within the agreed SLA.

  1. Recurring Technical Issues

We see a lot of recurring technical support issues as many IT consultants choose to apply a band-aid fix instead of a solution that will eliminate the recurring technical issues from happening over and over.  Your managed IT service providers goal is to make your organizations everyday function simple and easier.  They will create solutions that resolve your technical support problems for good.  You will also benefit from 24×7 Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) that will keep an eye on your It infrastructure giving you the peace of mind that everything is under control.

  1. They Talk Tech and Not Business

Technical infrastructure has become a business process therefore there must be clear business talk and no techie chat.  A proper managed IT services provider will be able to speak to your team in simple English with no over-explain details or super deep techie talk.

  1. Poor Customer Service

Like any other business, poor customer service is a quick way to end your business. Clients come first, and open lines of communication ensure this is met.  Managed IT services provider will train their helpdesk technicians to handle technical issues and put the clients first.  We treat our clients as people and the way we expect to be treated.  Company culture determines the level of satisfaction and resolution, no matter what it takes to resolve and issue quickly and efficiently.

  1. Unexpected Monthly Invoices

Surprise, you owe a lot more than you expected.  A true managed IT services provider will offer a flat monthly fee for their proactive IT management and IT services. You should not experience surprises month to month regardless of the amount of service and support your teams uses.  This makes it easy for you to predict your budgets and proactively plan.

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