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Is Your Business Ready? Plan, plan, plan

Is Your Business Ready. plan

Your business ready? Or do you face the difficulty to prepare your business for unexpected bumps down the road?

Technology is core to all businesses and IT consulting can help avoid “unknowns” or even “gotchas” that are critical but in the end it takes planning and the right team to make it happen.

Here are four key factors to know is your business ready?

  1. Plan for Disaster.

Disaster planning revolves around preparedness. Businesses should ideally cover their business for any event that could cause your business to lose valuable data and productivity. This can range from a failure of your backups or disaster/weather that prevents your employees from working locally or remotely.

  1. Plan for Internet Connectivity.

Internet is your business life line to the outside world. Your business uses many applications and systems including email and phone that may rely on internet connectivity. Losing your Internet connection can throw a serious wrench in your business operations. Avoid signing on with a cheap internet service provider to save money and if your business is heavily reliant on internet, consider getting a redundant internet connection such as wireless for emergency.  This will help keep your business up and running and avoid frustrated clients, employees and downtime.

  1. Plan to work with knowledgeable IT professionals.

Large companies have the benefit of being able to have a full time IT department or IT professional on staff.  For smaller businesses, you may not have the need or budget for full time but that does not mean you should not hire experts when you need them such as reputable IT consultants or managed IT services providers. Your company need a technology professional team who knows how to set up, maintain, and grow your network tailored to your company’s specific needs and business goals.

  1. Plan with key employees.

Disaster recovery and business preparedness plans are great but there are some key items every business need to understand. You need to test every plan to ensure it works properly. Your business should not rely on one person but on a team as it is common for that employee to become expert. You need understand what would happen to your company if that person quit or became too ill to work for a long period of time. By using the team approach, you can train your entire staff what needs to happen in case of emergency.


Nothing is guaranteed but planning can ease stress when issues arise. With proper planning, you can head off trouble in many instances if you follow these simple rules for staying prepared.

What plans do you have in place for ensuring that your business stays up and running?

Is your business ready?

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