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Is your business looking at the cloud?

Is your business looking at the cloud

Many organizations are looking at cloud services however there are many ways to take advantage of them and Microsoft Azure is a great resource to bring your IT infrastructure to the next level.

Azure is Microsoft’s offering of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and it has provided organizations an opportunity to reduce their capital expenses and expand their IT infrastructure. Azure may not be for your company however there are many other cloud services providers out there that can help your business migrate.

Microsoft Azure can help reduce cost and provide the flexibility and agility is crucial to utilizing this service. Cloud services is and effect service for businesses however many do not have all the information to make decisions on which applications are compatible or the total costs.

A cloud assessment will help assist in determining your business readiness and costs prior to any deployment or commitment. You should look at an IT consulting partner with experience with cloud services including extensive experience in deploying Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud scenarios for many different types and size of customers.

Your partner company should not only have experience on deploying cloud services, they should also have experience managing it with a proactive managed IT services program.  The end result is business goals that are aligned with your business.

What will a cloud services assessment will address?

  • Inventory target servers to determine cloud readiness
  • Gather performance statistics on metrics that impact the cost of using the cloud
  • Determine which applications are the best candidates to take advantage of cloud services
  • Provide estimates on various cloud service such as server, email, storage and network requirements
  • Provides detailed reporting on cloud services costs and budget estimates

How a cloud services assessment will benefits your company?

  • IT consultants are experienced in assisting in estimating costs associated with cloud services
  • Gain knowledge and insight on the best use of cloud services according to your business goals and requirements
  • Learn how other customers are using cloud services to cut costs and be more agile.
  • A typical cloud services assessment require a couple of weeks to gather information and performance data.

After your assessment, you should have in-depth discussion with your IT consulting company so they can provide you with more insight into the importance of cloud services and help you determine how much effort will be required.

Most IT consulting professionals offer cloud services assessment at no cost.

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