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Is Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games Costing Your Business Money?

The Toronto 2015 Pan Am games have not started however Toronto commuters have seen what effect the HOV lanes will have on their daily commute.

The recent opening of the HOV lanes for the Pan Am Games have already increased travel times for daily commuters. Those commuters that refuse to follow the new lane rules are receiving tickets by enforcement agencies. Today’s news is full of many reports of commuters suffering double the commute times and there was also a number of collisions.

Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games Traffic Map
Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games Traffic Map

How do you deal with the HOV lanes?

As a business owner, the HOV lanes are affecting your business.  You may be looking at a loss in productivity and profitability however there are ways to deal with it using technology.  If you haven’t done it already, you should be consulting with you IT consulting partner to discuss a few options to ensure your business does not suffer.

Remote users are beneficial to businesses as they offer better productivity and profitability.  You have two options for connectivity, Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and/or Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

VPN service is used to encrypt internet traffic for secure protection. A VPN connection is able to remotely access a network. This allows working from home by being able to access work files located on your server.

The advantage of VPN is it is easier to troubleshoot and more secure. The cons are it requires large bandwidth and it can cause system errors if not configured properly.

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)

RDP allows a user to remotely sign in to a computer on a network and mirror its graphical interface. RDP gives you access to network resources that you have on a single computer.

The advantage of RDP, it is easier to use and you can screen share. The cons are it is harder to diagnose, can be hard to configure properly and can lag if you do not have enough bandwidth.


Can your users work remotely?

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