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Introducing Windows 10 and Free Windows Insider


Do you hate Windows 8? Well you are not alone.  Windows was so unpopular that Microsoft has tried to address everything with the upcoming Windows 10.

When Windows 8 launched, our tech support team experienced an increase in IT support issues all resulting from the changes to Windows 8.


So what’s new in Windows 10?

  • Start Menu is finally back!

Since the beginning of time or since Windows 95, we have been programed by Microsoft to head to the Start Menu button.  Then when Windows 8 popped up, Microsoft changed the Windows and introduced the Start Screen which was a full-screen of tiles.

The Start Screen was developed touchscreens however it was very difficult to navigate for users keyboards and mice.  It is no surprise to see Microsoft bring back the Start Menu in Windows 10 plus now they have integrated it into Live Tiles.  There is also a new feature will also switch up the Start button functionality depending on if you’re using your computer with a tablet or with a keyboard and mouse.

  • Windows 8 Apps can now run in Windows

Windows 8 apps ran in a full screen mode which it made it difficult to use Windows 8 apps alongside traditional desktop Windows apps.  Now with Windows 10 you can organize those apps just like any other Windows software.  You can have title bars and you can resize them.

  • Windows 10 is capable of multitasking

Several features in Windows 10 are for multitaskers.  Task view will let you set up different desktops for different uses so you can now have a profile for school or work.  The Start Menu search bar is more powerful by integrating with web searching and command lines.  Many companies never moved off Windows 7 they has a better workflow.

  • Microsoft wants market share and cares what you think!

Microsoft is finally listening to users.   They are now introducing Windows Insider Program which will allow you give you access to a preview build of Windows 10.   Microsoft will also allow you to send feedback about your experiences.  You can watch Windows VP Joe Belfiore on YouTube talk about Windows 10 features like the new Start menu, multiple desktops, and improved multi-tasking.  You can also learn how you can be part of Windows Insider Program. Click here for the video.


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