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Important factors for companies dealing with ransomware attacks

Important factors for companies dealing with ransomware attacks

Important factors for companies dealing with ransomware attacks

As technology advances with continual innovation and sophistication, it will bring management up-to-date on important factors for companies dealing with ransomware attacks.

The latest cloud services for based file storage platforms enable more flexible sharing of information and data within an organization.  It also ensures forensic assessment and cyber threat recovery from cyberattacks without losing productive time or having to pay the ransom to the cyber criminals.

Important factors for companies dealing with ransomware attacks 1

Here five important factors for companies dealing with ransomware attacks and how to avoid disruption from cyber criminals:

Factor 1: Cloud File Shares

It is often difficult for companies to recover from digital cyberattacks because they rely on traditional on-premises file sharing infrastructures using servers with redundant infrastructures for disaster recovery (DR).  Proactive maintenance is always required from the IT department or managed IT services provider (MSP) for these complex IT structures.  They are especially challenging and resource-intensive when a cyberattack occurs and a disaster recovery (DR) plan needs to be processed quickly.

Cloud-based services and business applications in the public cloud is predicted to account for 45 percent of all IT spend by 2026 as it will make it easier to share information over the internet.  Next-generation tools cloud-based services storage systems us a central nature and localized file access therefore it makes it easier to detect damage locally and to restore files in the event of a cyberattack. Cloud services computing is growing in popularity in the post-Covid economy as it has already helped businesses cope with the ransomware threat and cyber security.

Factor 2: Change Immutable Data

There are many major advantages of cloud services computing in addition to the fact that ransom cybercriminal gangs tend to attack older technology infrastructures or those built for remote working during the pandemic not following industry best practices.  Global file systems provided by cloud file storage allow for a practical safeguard against regular outages and hacker exploits because they provide complete data integrity and don’t need to move data from one location to another for access.  Due to the lack of confidence in the reliability of cloud storage systems in the past, many organizations ignored them as a viable option however thanks to the proven performance of these cloud services products and their large installed bases around the world, those days are over.

Factor 3: Targeted File Recovery

Most cloud service file services allow for continuous file versioning snapshots.  Continuous file versioning allows organizations to maintain their data integrity of their cloud-based file storage services.  These tools allow IT departments and managed IT services providers (MSP) to take unlimited snapshots of file share status as frequently as every five minutes, which allows for controlled recovery of files after a cyberattack.

There are many organizations that have been in the headlines and had to pay enormous sums to cyber criminals out of fear of losing productivity time, data, and reputation. IT departments and managed services providers (MSP) can set more predictable and faster Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) into the recovery plan as new ransomware exploits emerge daily.

Factor 4: Recover in Minutes

When it comes to restoring files, this is an unfavorable task for IT departments or managed IT services providers (MSP) handling hybrid IT infrastructures.  Many organizations have found that even after responding immediately to a ransomware attack, full operational recovery takes weeks or sometimes even months.

Cloud-based file storage services offer a “roll back” feature for business-critical data to the exact moment when it was encrypted.  This is very helpful for organizations that are heavily dependent on several locations as well as a distributed workforces as it gives them the peace of mind that their critical resources are secure in the event of a cyberattack.

Factor 5: Simplify Disaster Recovery

A better way to understand how cloud file storage services is evolving, you will need to understand recent events. Mant IT departments and managed IT services providers were tasked with the responsibility during the pandemic to keep the lights on at organizations.  It became increasingly difficult for companies to find extra staff to manage their business continuity (BC) planning, and many companies with more complex, hybrid technology stacks do not do it at all.

Due to the ability to roll back files to the time of an incident in today’s cloud file storage service products like SharePoint, business continuity (BC) planning and testing are much simpler and faster. It is also less resource-intensive than on-premises storage infrastructures ever could be. With the cloud, it’s easier to plan and recover from ransomware exploits.

Important factors for companies dealing with ransomware attacks 2

Important factors for companies dealing with ransomware attacks include ransomware cyber threats evolving over time.  Cloud services providers have developed major innovations that have enable companies to use simple business continuity (BC) planning so they may assess damage quickly, and restore files.  This allows organizations to achieve Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) in minutes, rather than days or weeks. Ransomware cyberattacks can be more predictably reacted to and recovered from with cloud-based file storage products.

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