How to Increase IT Security

The Internet has provided many benefits and conveniences over the years.  It has changed how business has been done and created incredible new industries however it also presented a number of security risks that must be considered.


Hackers, worms, spyware, viruses, phishing, malware, CryptoLocker and many more against your IT security.


Internet threats can vary from annoying to disastrous.  Below you will find a list of how to increase your IT security within your business.


Email Spam and phishing scams are email gateways to various security threats.

  • To reduce these threats, you can set your spam filter on high.  Do not reply to suspicious, unsolicited emails asking them for secure or sensitive information.  Also do not click on links that seem fake or suspicious.  Ensure your system automatically scans all PDFs and other email attachments for viruses, spyware, and malware.


Internet threats are vast however here are some basic level considerations.

  • Install a firewall to deny unauthorized access to your business wired and wireless networks.  Also encrypt the Wi-Fi network including the use of a password.  Security experts also recommend you turn off broadcasting or ‘hide’ your Wi-Fi network so its name will not pop up in the list of available wireless networks.


Mobile devices can get lost, stolen or hacked, so be sure to use passwords and encryption to secure them.

  • Consider using a mobile device management system that can remotely track, monitor, lock and wipe your devices.  Also your business should enforce a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy.


Storage devices can spread viruses and malware from one PC, tablet or laptop to another.

  • Setting your computers to automatically do a security scan on any disc or peripheral they come into contact with will greatly decrease the chances of having internet threats bring down your network.  Also, all organizations should use cloud computing to be back up off-site.


Outdated software and older versions of software programs are not secure.

  • Consider updating your programs or moving to cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings which are automatically updated online.  Make sure your PCs and laptops are set to automatically install operating system updates and security patches when they’re released.


People, the biggest risk to your network

  • No matter how much technology is used to secure IT, human behaviour is the ultimate security measure. You should create and enforce a BYOD policy and educate your staff about IT security threats and best practices. Use strong passwords and change them regularly.  Do not allow the downloading of unauthorized applications to company computers.  Also enforce no working on company data outside the office on unsecured Wi-Fi networks or visiting unauthorized websites or social media sites at the office.  This will offer you the opportunity to discuss best practices to remain secure.


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