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How to get rid of that server in your office

How To Get Rid Of That Server In Your Office

With technology changing on a daily basis, it is important organizations are aware how it affects their organization including how to get rid of the server in your office.

In a recent CompTIA Technology Community release, they discuss how organizations are looking to accelerate their Software as a service (SaaS) including how to implement serverless computing.  Depending on your infrastructure and Line of business (LOB) software, your organization may be able to take advantage of this cost-effective option.

Innovation and technology have been changing at breakneck speed resulting in new IT trends emerging at an extremely fast pace.  While cloud technology has revolutionized many aspects of business and IT, there is a huge difference when considering a serverless approach.

With these leaps in technology, organizations are asking their IT departments or managed IT services providers how to get rid of that server in their office.

In the past, organizations had to look at a traditional single server approach.  They would have to address workloads, work functions, software requirements, storage, operating system, network, scaling, and load-balancing.  None of these can be ignored as they can all influence the performance.

So why are organizations getting rid of servers?

The answer is simple.  Many providers offer Line of business (LOB) software that is cloud based. This essentially leave organizations to deal with active directory and file sharing.

With the use of Microsoft 365, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Azure Active Directory, you can easily migrate into a scalable cloud solution.  This is the response to “How to get rid of that server in your office”.

How to get rid of that server in your office 3

Do you ask yourself, how to get rid of that server in your office? Here are the top 4 reasons to get rid of your server.

  1. Security

The cost of physically securing a server is very high compared to a hosted cloud solution.   Any large IT department or managed IT service provider will know how cloud saves money compared to onsite server.  Once again, Microsoft 365 offer SharePoint already with certain subscriptions.

  1. Scalability

What happens if you need extra horsepower? Maybe a new server? With cloud options, you can easily fire one up in a matter of minutes.  When you done, you can easily turn down the computing power.  You do not have to waste time trying to accurately predict your company’s computing needs.  When a managed IT service provider quotes a server, they try to ensure the server is good for a 5-year cycle. When it comes to the cloud, you give the server enough power to address the business needs.


  1. Disaster Recovery

Always plan for the worse as there are many ways in which moving you to the cloud can protect you from data disasters and outages. This includes redundancy as it is far simpler and cheaper when using cloud virtualized servers and there is reduced maintenance downtime. Disaster recovery will be much as in minutes compared to hours or even days.

  1. Time

If you want to get rid of that server in your office, cloud servers save your company significantly when it comes to time and money.  It will lower costs and time investment and in the event that you need to recover from a disaster, you will be doing it without paying an emergency premium.

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